6/9 Mythic Amirdrassil Recap

It’s been over a month since my last update and we’re about to enter the end of the year! In terms of guild news, we’re right up against Smolderon after we’ve cleared out both wings on Amirdrassil. It’s certainly been a fun month. Although we started the tier with 29 players in the roster, it’s shrunk to around 22 since opening day (although we’ve recently picked up a few more trials). We ended up pushing towards Nymue first to try to clear that one out before turning backwards and going into Larodar.

The Nymue Experience

It certainly had its ups and downs. The most unenjoyable part for me is staring at spreadsheet assignments and figuring out which players go to which ads while trying to minimize the run distance. Anytime a raider is out at the last minute, it’s another 10 minutes just staring at it until a combination that clicks can be found. The kill we had this past weekend had an error because although we normally ran one Aug Evoker, we instead ran two, and it slipped my mind that both Evokers were assigned to one side, which caused a DPS imbalance. Thankfully, we did end up killing in towards the end of the night. In terms of encounter complexity, I felt this was much more straightforward. There was much more emphasis on individual play, especially when it comes to soaking flowers and dodging lines. If players could do it, the rest of the encounter would fall into place.

The Larodar Journey

From a planning perspective, it is actually much easier compared to Nymue. It’s all about the movement and the synchronized dropping of fire puddles. We ended up having the required damage where we could go with a 2 group fire fighting team strategy instead of 3 groups. This led to a complete restructuring of cooldowns. Even using Salvation on the very first charge meant it would not be up during the transition into phase 2. After that, it was having CC’s established on the incoming treants and just unloading damage while surviving as long as possible. It did get a bit messy towards the end.

As always, we are recruiting as we enter the final stretch of Amirdrassil! Come check us out if you’re interested.

  • Augmentation and Preservation Evoker
  • Disc and Shadow Priest
  • Rogue