Matt’s Notebook: Broodkeeper Bested!

I didn’t have time to put together my thoughts from the previous week, but we did get Broodkeeper Diurna this past weekend. We’re on to Raszageth now. It was quite grueling and it took us around 110 tries.

Patch 10.1 Announcement Thoughts

Yesterday was a cornucopia of news, notes, and interviews. Won’t go too in-depth but there are a few things that stood out to me. In other news, we had a Diurna wipe with 0.2% remaining. Absolutely heart-wrenching. I expect she’ll go down tomorrow during day 1 of raid. I’ll have to do an internal postmortem …

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Matt’s Notebook: Broodkeeper Diurna, Week 1

Progress started on Diurna for the first time this past weekend. We defined our goals early on here: We actually accomplished most of it. The first night was a challenge as the focus was on survival and moving around the arena. There are so many different things to get accustomed to that wouldn’t be given …

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Matt’s Notebook: Dathea Defeated

I’ve been surprised again. I did not think this was the weekend that we would get Dathea down. I figured it would’ve taken us longer than 9 hours, but we managed to do it in one raid week. We swiftly cleared Eranog and Primal Council before engaging this giant bag of, uh… air. Even though …

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