Suggested Holy Priest Addons and Weak Auras

(Updated for Patch 9.2.5)

Haven’t added addons yet, just Weak Auras for now.

For general Priest play

Flash Concentration Tracker

I put this right above my party or raid frames for easier peripheral vision. This will display your stacks and the time left before it drops.

Holy Priest HUD

This is a heads-up display I keep right under my character model. Helps me determine at a glance what’s off cooldown that I can cast (and I can see my feet in case I’m standing in anything particularly dangerous).


Let’s you know when Innervate’s on you. I position this right under my player frame.

Missing Fortitude

In case anyone in your party is missing Power Word: Fortitude, you will know. I’ll pop up the Fortitude buff icon on the screen. I place this over top of my character model so it’s impossible to miss.

Power Infuse M+

If you’re like me and are pugging dungeons or raids and don’t really know who to hit Power Infusion with, this will let you know when players are using their damage buffs. You can adjust the priority of classes. This is great if you just want to get it on cooldown and don’t really care to know who to give Power Infusion to in a pickup group. Or you could just give it to a tank and get yelled at.

Surge of Light

Tracks Surge of Light procs with an icon and produces a cooldown timer for when the buff expires. Also gets placed right above my raid or party frames.

Resonant Reservoir Tracker

This is used to track the cooldown and how many pulses are available on the next application of the Resonant Reservoir trinket.

For Covenant Tracking

Fae Guardians & Bwonsamdi’s Pact Tracker

I use this during raid to keep track of where my faeries are and how much time is left on the duration of Fae Guardians.

Boon of the Ascended CD, Buff, and Stack Tracker

During dungeons, I switch to Kyrian for Boon. It’s important to announce that you are booning to the rest of your party while you’re booning so that they understand you’re too busy booning to heal them.

Pelagos – Trial of Doubt

Alerts you with an icon when you need to face your Pelagos Trial of Doubt for the buff.