Suggested Holy Priest Addons and Weak Auras (Dragonflight Edition)4 min read

(Updated for Patch 10.0.5)

Feb 6, 2023: Added and refreshed Weakauras and compiled a list of addons below.

For general Priest play

Holy Priest HUD (Luxthos)

This is a heads-up display I keep right under my character model. Helps me determine at a glance what’s off cooldown that I can cast (and I can see my feet in case I’m standing in anything particularly dangerous). Switched over to Luxthos for Dragonflight.

Luxthos Priest HUD


A bar that shows your Innervate duration. I position this right over my player model.

Bar showing Innervate time remaining.

Dragonflight Consumables and Raid Buffs

Shows you what consumables or raid buffs you’re missing and if anyone in your party or raid is missing Power Word: Fortitude. Your raid leader will love you.

Screenshot showing missing buffs or consumables.

Power Infuse M+

If you’re like me and are pugging dungeons or raids and don’t really know who to hit Power Infusion with, this will let you know when players are using their damage buffs. You can adjust the priority of classes. This is great if you just want to get it on cooldown and don’t really care to know who to give Power Infusion to in a pickup group. Or you could just give it to a tank and get yelled at.

Answered Prayers and Apotheosis Tracker Bar

Places a vertical bar that shows the time left in both Apotheosis or from the Answered Prayers talent. You’ll want to use this time cast the spells that reduce the cooldown on your Holy Words (like Prayer of Healing for Sanctify and Heal or Flash Heal for Serenity).

Screenshot of the a vertical Apotheosis Tracker Bar that shows how much time is left.

PW Life

Places a glow on a raid frame if someone drops below 32% health and Power Word: Life is available.

Trinket Tracker

Tracks your equipped trinkets. I like to position this above my player frame. Will highlight if you have an on-use ability (like Mote of Sanctification) or display stack counts (Flask of the Solemn Night).

For Dungeons

M+ Timer

Displays general key information and timers. By Reloe.

Screenshot showing Reloe’s Mythic+ information.

Dragonflight Season 1 Dungeons

Contains bars, timers, and action responses to incoming abilities (Keep moving, spread, drop, etc). By Reloe.

M+ Explosive Orbs – Nameplate Glow

For Explosive week, allows for easy tracking of any explosive orbs. Shadow Word: Pain gets rid of them instantly.

Bolstering Helper

Drops a moon on the mob with the highest health.

Spell CDs on Nameplate – DF Season 1

Shows cooldown of spells next to enemy nameplates for DF Season 1 Dungeons. Useful so you know if you need to Chastise or Psyhic Scream something.

TJS – Wise Mari Corrupted Geyser

For the Wise Mari encounter (first boss) in Temple of the Jade Serpent. This should cut down on the amount of deaths players have from mistiming the Corrupted Geyser when running through the water and getting bounced up.

Screenshot showing a radial timeline of when Corrupted Geyser will be cast.

For Raids

Raid Ability Timeline

Ties into DBM and Bigwigs and makes a vertical timeline bar of upcoming abilities.

Vault of the Incarnates – Glows

Great for healers. Tracks key ability targets on players that would need immediate attention as glows on your raid frame.



Hands down the best bag addon made. Sorts all the stuff in my bags in to various categories like tradeskills, armor, consumables, quest items, and so forth.


After using DBM for over a decade, I decide to just switch to Bigwigs for this expansion.


Method Raid Tools




I use Luxthos plater profile.

RC Loot Council




Astral Keys