Matt’s Notebook: Broodkeeper Bested!

I didn’t have time to put together my thoughts from the previous week, but we did get Broodkeeper Diurna this past weekend. We’re on to Raszageth now. It was quite grueling and it took us around 110 tries.

Screenshot of Diurna’s corpse
  • Healer composition: During week 2, we went with a 4 healer group because we felt we lacked damage. I healed the ad group as we moved around the room and that challenged my abilities in a way that I haven’t felt in a long time. On the day of the kill, we switched back to running a 5 healer group instead because it gave us more breathing room to work with. What’s heartbreaking is that we did get Diurna all the way down to 0.2% (~700k health) before we wiped. Had we been able to live just another few seconds longer, this post would’ve came out a week earlier.
  • Transition into phase 2: I struggled on this one for the longest time. Right as we transition, there’s a set of trash that spawns – Dragonspawn Flamebenders. These guys are annoying. With the two that spawn, they put up Flame Sentrys and Cauterizing Flashflames. For Horde guilds, Arcane Torrent solves that. Alliance guilds need a little bit more work. With our setup, we have a Shadow Priest and myself (a Holy Priest). Shadow Priest hit Mass Dispel first, and I would follow up after the second application. I learned early on that if I cast Mass Dispel there, there is a high chance that the Icy Shroud would freeze people in place or in a bad position with the rotating fire beams from the Flame Sentry. I opted to single target Dispel Magic them instead and save Mass Dispel for the Icy Shroud.
  • Mana Problems: Speaking of Mass Dispel, it really drains your mana. Ended up using two of the Frozen Focus Mana potions and it took me some time to find the best moments to chug them.