Patch 10.1 Day is Here

Glad to see it’s arrived! Now we get to dive underground and meet some new, friendly NPCs. The Niffen are my new best friends. They sound oddly Canadian-ish. Maybe they should’ve been modelled more after beavers instead.

  • Barter Bricks: These seem hard to come by. I’ve been out farming rares and doing some of the events and I still don’t have enough to buy the transmute recipe with only 21 of those bricks.
  • Sniffenseeking: This might be my favourite activity. It’s like a one-person escape room. I love the way I hang on to Myritt and point the nose in the direction I want to smell. LOOK AT IT! Don’t you just want to protect sniffy boi here?
  • Aberrus Preparation: Still ongoing but we’ll have our pre-tier briefing where we outline the general strategy and mechanics for each boss as a unit. It shouldn’t take more than 45 minutes or so. It’s still up to individual players to determine what they need to do at the player level. I’ve picked out all the gear I’d want to get on my Priest from the raid, but I expect there’ll be some strong alternatives out of the M+ dungeons. It does appear that normal raids will be taken off of our scheduled raid times unless we hit a major wall in heroic. Expectation is to run normals when we can outside of raid.
  • Currency Confusion: Between all the crests and fragments, it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin. I’m sure players will get the hang of it after a while, but until then I’m keeping some spreadsheets on a side screen to ensure I know what I need to pursue.
  • Spore Tender Enchant: This has sadly been nerfed. I got to enjoy it for a whole three days. Back to Sophic’s I go.
  • Interfaces and Updates: Reminder to keep updating your addons and WeakAuras daily until things settle down. I expect this to continue for the next few weeks as dungeon and raid WAs get refined further. Updated my suggested addons and WAs page for season 2.