Should I Trial Now During Awakened or Wait for Season 1?

I’ve seen this question pop up a few times both on the player side and on the guild side.

Is it worth even trying out for new teams now that we also have a confirmed expansion date (August 26th)? Is it better to wait closer to the expansion or even when after the game drops?

I would say yes, it is absolutely worth applying now and securing a team to join.

High Turnover

Guilds often see a lot of turnover during new expansions and seasons. Players move around chasing new rankings, taking breaks, or sometimes just not coming back. This creates openings for new members. By trialing now, you can grab a spot before the new expansion rush and settle into the guild. This was especially true following the end of Season 2 for us when we practically had to reboot the entire roster.

Roster Needs

Guilds want a full team ready to go when new content drops. If a guild isn’t fully staffed at the start of a new Mythic raid, they’re already behind. By joining now, you can help them be prepared and improve your chances of being part of a successful team from the get-go. At DJ’s, we’ve been through many opening raid weeks and there’s always a fall off of players for various reasons. It’ll also affect class composition because maybe there might be a busted (or underpowered) class out there. We’re aiming for a number between 27 to 30 players.

It’s More Than Just Performance

When you trial for a guild, it’s not just about your performance in raids. Guilds, especially those aiming for top achievements, look at how well you fit into the team. We already have access to your logs and can see how you play. What’s more important is whether you cause any drama or tension. Anyone who’s performed at the Mythic and CE level usually maintains that consistency from a skill standpoint. What we’re looking for now is social fit. Do they new trial players get along with our team? Are they willing to put in the effort to improve their character? Can they contribute to the raid discussion when diagnosing pulls (even if it’s farm stuff)?

I know of some teams that have had to kick out trial members who, despite being good players, caused problems over loot distribution. These issues are easier to spot now rather than after the expansion. This saves everyone time and helps them get that stuff out of the way now. The new players can learn more about the raid environment they’re in, and the guild can get a better idea of their character.

Avoid the Post-Launch Rush

When any new expansion launches, there’s always a surge of players returning or joining for the first time. This can make it harder to secure a spot in a guild as competition increases. By joining now, you avoid this rush and secure your place early. Plus, you won’t have to compete with a larger pool of players looking to apply.

By integrating yourself into a guild now, you’ll be ready for a smooth transition into the new expansion and set yourself up for success. So, if you’re on the fence about trialing now or waiting, go ahead and start trialing now. It’s a proactive move that will help you tackle new challenges and enhance your gaming experience.

One Last Story

We had a player a few weeks ago who tried out for us but couldn’t handle the intensity of what we were looking for. His perspective was that it was season 4, and it was a good time to go into raids relaxed while he was still trying to gear up his character as it was significantly behind the rest of the team (think in the 480 range). After two weeks, his gear hadn’t made much progression and he wasn’t willing to put in the work to run keys and continue upgrading his gear. We took him into some of the farm stuff, but he’d have to sit on the harder late raid bosses. Ultimately, it wasn’t a good fit because there was such a philosophical difference between what he wanted out of this season and what our expectations were of trials coming in. Knowing that now, I would’ve recommended that he come in as a social and join the community first instead of committing to the raid team since we were still going to be operating.