Zskarn and Magmorax Cleared!

DJs made some big strides this past weekend. One small step for Gnome, and one giant leap for Panda. DJs defeated Zskarn after a few pulls on Friday after some much-needed nerfs and consistency was added. I was only in for a few pulls pre-nerf and I could tell how chaotic it was. We put in a few pulls on Magmorax before calling it a night. The next day after that, we added Magmorax to our kill list. It’s incredible the stark difference in difficulty between these two bosses. Now we’re in the final home stretch that is Echo of Neltharion. The rest of the raid night was spent getting accustomed to Weak Auras and ensuring functionality while familiarizing ourselves with the updated, mythic mechanics. I don’t know about you, but that’s a pretty productive long weekend for us. We’re extending from hereon out until Sark is down.

It’s not likely I’m going to be in for any of the remaining kills on Echo and Commander Sarkareth. I’ve made peace with that, especially with a turbulent weekend schedule coming up that will see me away for 2 out of the next 8 raid nights for the rest of the month. Doesn’t make sense to put me in for progression. I still have to maintain some semblance of readiness in the event I do need to step in but at this point in my raiding career, I’m comfortable in a stable, relief position and not someone that has to be a starter all the time. I’ve basically entered my raiding Clooney years on an NFL veteran minimum salary! I just have to find other ways to contribute. This is why I’m on 3 other raiding teams just to keep my raiding and gameplay awareness up.

Summer months for recruiting continue to be a pain. The past several weeks saw the departure of 5 players. Our roster at some points was down to a perilous 22 raiders overall which is dangerous in the summer. Players often have obligations or travel commitments. Fortunately, we’ve been able to replenish the recruiting pipeline and did pick up some new trial players. I’m optimistic that they’ll work out (which is weird since I’m usually the pessimistic one). The burnout is real and definitely taking a toll. For guilds, the focus should be on keeping an eye on everyone and checking with them to see how they’re feeling. Start rotating some players in if you can afford it, and get some fresh hands and eyes.

At the moment, we’re looking to add a Warrior, an Evoker, a Warlock, and a Balance Druid. I missed out on picking up an Evoker especially with Augmentation coming up quite soon. It’s been identified as a must-have. I think we’re going to need two. Check us out!