20 Questions with Breana

Once in a blue moon, Matt gets a chance to sit down with a WoW Blogger chosen this week by a Rhapsody Malt. Find out a little more about your favourite bloggers as he tries to get to know them a little more! This week, Breana of Gun Loving Dwarf Chick gets center stage!

Would you oblige me and tell me a bit about yourself? (We can touch on the WoW stuff later on)

Okay, first big thing: I r girl!  Sorry, couldn’t resist.  I am a 31-year old lady, living in the bum of the US, aka Miami, Florida.  WoW is my first MMO and I have been playing since 2005.

For those that are unfamiliar with Twisted Nether how about some background information?

IE, how did it get started? It started as a byproduct of another conversation that Fim and I had one day via on IM. The conversation veered towards podcasts and we talked about how both of us would like to try it. We thought it would be really awesome to have a podcast that highlighted and discussed the WoW blogging community.

Do you have any upcoming plans for the blogcast that you might be willing to share?

We want to make the blogcast and its site a real hub of blogging news and information, so expect in the near future more link roundups, a wiki, reader polls, and a more interactive experience.  We just posted a “how I can help” page, which lists ways listeners can participate.  This blogcast is everyone’s blogcast and we want the community to feel part of it.

I see your preferred weapon is a gun. An excellent choice. But why do you feel guns are more superior to bows?

Boom!  I just love the sound of it. It also looks very deadly in my little dwarf hands! Seriously, can you be intimidated by a chick with ponytails and a bow? I think not.  Now, if you are staring down the barrel of a gun, that is a whole other bag of chips. 

Many may try to sway me by showing me stats and theorycrafting as to why some bows are superior to guns, but honestly, I don’t care, “Sure, here is your bow Mr. NE, now give me that gun!”

I also really enjoy the recoil animation on Bre and overall, we have been doing just fine on DPS with my “puny” gun, thank you very much!  However, Blizz, I do have some beef…where is my legendary gun, eh!  I mean, not all of us want a pewpew, you know!

What got you started and interested in WoW?

Boredom. Actually, I bought the game for my husband as a birthday present and one day, alone and bored at home, I logged in and started a mage.  Haven’t stopped playing since.

Along that note, what exactly are you up to in WoW right now?

Right now, I am in the middle of my annual, “burnout”.  After raiding for a while, and gearing up my priest, I am taking a break, by making new alts and just trying to enjoy my time online with friends.  Started another priest on Draenor, to which my defense is, “I wasn’t in my right mind when I pressed the create button.”

How did you get started blogging and what motivated you?

Hmmm, I would have to say BRK and my desire to try something different.  I had tried blogging in the past, but often those projects would die a quick death after only a few weeks.   

Last year, Breana had just turned 70 and I started to read WoW blogs for the first time.  I stumbled on BRK’s site, fell in love, then found other great blogs like Kestrel’s, TJ’s and Ego’s and a bug started to form in my head.

I wanted to write and I thought what better thing to write about than my obsession about WoW.  Around the same time, one of my friends, a long time DC hater, started to call Bre, ugly and so forth, so I thought it would be funny to create a site devoted to my “Gun Loving Dwarf Chick” just to irritate him.

It took off from there and I have been having a blast, since!

Is there anything about WoW or blogging that you know now that you wish you knew about earlier?

Once, when my mage was 60 and we were pugging an Upper Blackrock Spire run, a pull went bad and several people died.  In the middle of the fight, I heard someone scream on vent, “BATTLEREZ!”  Until that moment, I had no idea that druids could rez in the middle of a fight.  /Blush

Are you single? (That is, are you guildless?)

Far from it.  I am honored and privileged to be the guild leader for an awesome guild on Bleeding Hollow.  Without them, I wouldn’t be playing or writing the blog.

Where do you see yourself and this blog in 5 months?

For me personally?  Getting ready for my cousin’s wedding and the two day bachelorette party I am suppose to organize!  The blog?  Still on the net, alive and well.

Short answer time!

Beverage of choice when playing: Water or Coke Zero

Currently playing on your media player: How to Save a Life by The Fray

Next blog post topic is: Tarren Mills: All Your Babies Belong to Us

Personality similar to: Grumpy.  Wut?  He is a person…somewhere. Or Charles Bukowski, without the booze and cigarettes.

Heroes? Yes, I do watch that show.  But Battlestar is by miles better.

Next movie you are going to watch? Girly answer: Sex in the City. General gender answer : Hell Boy 2

Hunter pet you wish they’d add to the game: OOO, the pet I wish I could have is already in the game, but can’t be tamed.  I want a chimera, especially the ones from Stonetalon Mountains! 

1 thing you look forward to the most in wrath: Leveling

1 thing you LEAST look forward to in wrath: Leveling

Shoutouts to? My readers, you guys rock!  My guild, AUO. Everyone in BA chat, and to my husband. <3 you all!

Thanks again Breana! Don’t forget to subscribe to her blog and  while you’re at it, subscribe to Twisted Nether Blogcast.

12 thoughts on “20 Questions with Breana”

  1. Very nice, I was looking forward to this one since I saw it was upcoming (Even though I was wrapped up in SSC at that time)

    Bre, I love your concept of the annual burnout… I hadn’t noticed it before but I think we all have our “burnout cycles” LOL

  2. SSC! Come on now, Tell Luker you will be right back 😛

    Yeah, this year’s isn’t too bad. Usually I stop playing completely for a few weeks, then come back. This time around I am starving it off by just doing silly little things.

  3. Bre no way are you 31?! I always thought you were younger than me! (I’m 24).

    So gonna want to see pics from the bachelorette party 😛

  4. That’s funny, I always thought you were younger too. I just turned 30 this year. It’s nice to know there are chicks of all ages playing this game.. all the ones in my guild are waaay younger than me, I was starting to feel alone! 🙂

  5. @Asara, hehe, you aren’t alone Madam. We women, of a certain age, need to stick together.

    @Softi- lol, sure thing hon, even though I am not sure I will “remember” to take pictures, it is suppose to be one of those parties!

  6. First time poster. Just had to add my 2cents…
    I’m 39, college grad, married & playing WoW for over 2 years! WoW womens unite!!!

  7. Weird I just downloaded the song “How to save a life” by The Fray this weekend because I’d heard watching scrubs and enjoyed it.

    Now if I could only find my own girl interested in WoW I’d be set.

    WTB more WoW girl gamers that live relatively close to me. lol

  8. Bre does indeed love her gun but it makes me kinda nervous. I’m a guildie of Breanas and she gets a little giddy with that gun. A couple of times when I had broken her trap I felt the cold barrel of her gun at the base of my neck. “Just Kidding” she would say…*GULP* I’m not so sure.

    Great stuff:) Keep it up.


  9. 1 thing you look forward to the most in wrath: Leveling

    1 thing you LEAST look forward to in wrath: Leveling

    That’s great, Bre. xDD

    … I think I’m about at the same place though. I’ll love it, and hate it too…

    How ironic.

    Lin [ EG ]s last blog post..The Hurricane Pull

  10. Hi, I stumbled on your site a week or two ago and have been through all the posts quietly. I decided I would post my firstpost. Unsure of what to comment but anyway. Interesting site. Will call back in a bit to see what else youve got to offer.


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