29 Raiding Personalities You’ll Find in the Raiding Community

In any raid, you’ll encounter a wide variety of personalities. Some are amusing, some can be dangerous, and some can be irritating. But without them, you would have no raid. It’s up to you to identify them out in the wild, even if it’s in a pickup raid. These are colourful characters that dot the raiding landscape with their quirks and traits. Here are just some of the interesting personalities you’ll run into throughout your adventures.

This is an expanded follow-up from a previous post: 11 Raid Finder Personalities You’ll Never Escape

(Disclaimer: The below players could appear as any gender, age, or race. Guy doesn’t necessarily limit them to just being a man).

The Pet Guy

Never fails to just go on and on about their pets. Seems to AFK more often than normal to feed their cat or walk the dog. Known to miss or delay the ready check because of their pet. Basically owns the pet channel in Discord. Almost always a Hunter, but can be any other class.

“That” Guy

Everyone knows that guy. He has existed since Burning Crusade. The entire raid is praying for that guy to not get hit with some key mechanic because they’re 50/50 on successfully responding to it. Will they take Leap to an open spot or accidentally blink into a position with a giant pool in it? Who knows? But everyone prays that they will get targeted by whatever mechanic so That Guy won’t. No one wants to be “That” Guy.

The Min Maxer Guy

Usually quiet. Looks for ways to maximize their performance output. Tends to keep to themselves. Doesn’t really care about anyone unless it impacts them. Sometimes has the occasional good idea in raid that causes a big progression jump. Will directly message Priests for Power Infusion.

The Irrelevant Min Maxer Guy

Similar to the above, but also looks for ways to maximize real trivial things.

True story: Had a Warlock in a raid team ask which healer had the highest haste so they could stole them in order for them to get Mass Resurrection off the fastest on a wipe. The time gained is offset by the Distracted Guy who forgets to h it Accept Res because they’re attention is elsewhere.

The Early Deaths Guy

Puts out consistent, upper end damage but often gambles with being greedy causing them to take unnecessary, avoidable damage resulting in their death in a phase 1 costing a precious battle res at inopportune times. Often the bane of the raid leader’s existence. Has often been chewed out for dying too early. The rest of the raid just shakes their head when they die early again. Tends to get boss kills by watching it from the floor. Don’t be greedy.

The Military Guy

Sometimes active duty or former which might mean they’re not around for a patch or a raid tier. Can be helpful in keeping raid discipline and is often perceived as a great listener although chances are they stood up and went for a walk with their headset on the desk.

The Quiet Guy

Rarely says anything in raid. Keeps their head down and does the job. Can be timid. May not answer questions if directly asked but will respond with a multiparagrpah answer on Discord half a week later when the original question was, “Hey, can you buff Intellect?”. Can be the raid leader’s favourite.

The “My Loot Never Drops” Guy

Tends to complain a lot about their woes in the game and how much Blizzard hates them because their trinket or weapon never drops for them specifically. Maybe it’s just bad luck. Tends to be a healer on Rashok, a Ret Paladin on Echo, or literally any Evoker at some point this season on Sarkareth.

The Outspoken Guy

Usually not an officer or in leadership. Has no tact or self-awareness. Speaks the first thing that comes to mind without reviewing data or context. Not usually the type to start stuff but can often be found in the middle of disagreements. Tends to be frustrated with raid performance from people who should be better, but like, not your job, bro.

The Sexual Innuendo Guy

Needs to calm down and not derail the team with their sex jokes. Sure it’s funny the first time, but the dicks per second meter joke gets really old. Now it’s just sad. Maybe they just crave some attention, but seriously, that’s enough, Harold. It starts out as laughter but turns into exasperated sighs.

The “Focus Up” Guy

Usually speaks up after the 8th wipe in a row when the raid died early on to something dumb and can tell the raid is distracted by something silly. Most likely some remark that Sexual Innuendo Guy made. Personally, I suspect it’s more for their own benefit as a way to self-motivate or discipline themselves like a verbal splash of cold water to their face.

The Gambling Guy

Cross-realm gambling has been enabled. Type 1 to enter.

The Mom Guy

May as well be a walking pharmacist. Versatility flask? They got you. Ultimate Power Potions? Sure thing. Vantus Runes? Absolutely. Augment Runes? Here’s a stack. Looks out more for the well-being and preparedness of everyone in raid but may not be the best raider on the team. Secretly enjoys providing stuff to raiders because of job security.

The New Guy

Just joined the raid team. It’s their first day and they’re just eager to make a positive impression. Nervous as all hell but also super excited. Might be given a job like specific interrupts or soaks. Proceeds to screw up by accidentally pressing Heroism about 8 seconds in when they were supposed to wait until phase 2.

The Strats Guy

Loves to contribute with fresh ideas on how to handle various bosses. Gets frustrated as to why you won’t listen to them. Their way is actually better than your raid’s way because they saw it done in a pug once. Should still hear them out as they might have a decent idea or two.

The Limit Testing Guy

Likes to push their damage to the mas by taking irresponsible risks or not doing key mechanics which impacts raid’s success. The worse variant of the min maxer. Could be related to Early Deaths Guy.

The Repair Guy

Always asks for a repair bot after it was dropped a few pulls ago and just didn’t happen to hear the raid leader say that the repair bot was down.

The Sports Guy

Every time they queue up their mic, you can hear the TV on in the background which happens to be crowd noise from a game or a commercial advertising legalized gambling (Draft Kings). Stays more in tune with live sports than their own raid. Runs the fantasy league in your guild. Takes raid nights off during playoffs.

The IT Guy

Knowledgeable about troubleshooting computer issues. Eager to help when it comes to building your next PC or suggesting upgrades. Emphasizes the importance of 200 FPS in WoW and never fails to casually slip it into conversation topics.

The “I didn’t know that” Guy

Always wondered how they got through life. They’re often given videos, or strat writeups, and maybe some added coaching and warnings about certain mechanics and abilities and they just didn’t know that after about 25 odd pulls.

The Backseat Raid Leader Guy

Might be related to The Strats Guy but the difference is that the Backseat Raid Leader Guy likes to call out timings, movements, abilities, and other things to the chagrin and annoyance of other people. Has the best interest of raid in mind but doesn’t necessarily have the authority. Either needs to be delegated authority and if so, explained what’s worth calling and what isn’t. This guy is a prime candidate of evolving into being the 21st Raider.

The Parse Guy

Does not shut up about their parse. Whines when there’s a strategy change that prevents them from maximizing their damage for their parse. This is the annoying cousin of The Min Maxer Guy. Makes risky plays like pulling additional trash to keep Anvil stacks up to the detriment of players not being ready. Be on the lookout though, someone this aggressive and vocal about their parse means they’re thinking about auditioning and trialling for a different raid team so they need to have a really good parse. Could come in tank, healer, or DPS varieties. Might be better off if they left, to be honest. Saves you and the rest of the team the trouble of having to hear about their parse because it’s really damn annoying.

The Invincible Guy

On average, tends to have an insanely high survivability rate. They have a good track record of living all the way to the end of the pull when a wipe is called. Flawless execution of mechanics but might be at the cost of some of their damage. Another favourite of raid leaders.

The Hungry Guy

Remember when voice activation was permitted then the voice channel was restricted to push to talk? Chances are it was due to the Hungry Guy. Always snacking on something and the mic picks it up. Does it always have to be something crunchy? Can’t really understand what they’re saying in raid because they’re chewing at the same time while asking for Power Infusion.

The AFK Trash Guy

Self self-explanatory, but AFK Trash Guy is clever and uses this time to restock on drinks or use the bathroom. If it’s progression, they’ll often brush up and try to refresh themselves on strategy and boss assignments.

The Alcoholic Guy

Loves a good beer or a whiskey. Could be cultured. Do not run keys with this guy after a few beers and expect to time it. Has this tendency to crack a can of beer open on the microphone for attention or something. We get it, you’re cool, but save the celebration for after the boss kill.

The Frustrated Guy

Often feels crushed by the lack of progression and constant disappointment in the raid. Has problems with their fellow raiders. Has issue with how the raid is run. Wishes leadership moved quicker addressing problems. Nothing ever seems to be good enough for them but they often keep it to themselves. Big flight risk but knows they can’t really go anywhere better because they like the people they play with even if they’re idiots. But they are their idiots.

The Oversharing Guy

Has established a rapport or connection with you and loves to share details of their life. Could be their relationship problems, life experiences, work place drama, medical conditions, or whatever. Could be the last one on Discord after a raid night or they might even jump in and ambush you if you’re alone in a channel to talk about their problems. Worse: They share their problems during raid on trash or prior to a pull but raid leader doesn’t have the heart to tell them to stop. Take a page from The Military Guy and walk away. You have enough problems in your life without anyone else’s business either, y’know?

The Optimistic Guy

Literally, nothing can go wrong! Every raid is a new night! Every wipe is a learning experience! It’s okay if they don’t get loot, because someone else did which means it’s a net upgrade for the whole team! Aren’t they just adorable? It’s crazy how positive and unwavering they can be in their spirit.

You might recognize a few of these in your raid groups. The personalities you find that play this game are incredibly diverse. Sure they’re annoying and diverse, but that’s what makes your journey in Warcraft that much richer.