Mythic Sarkareth Down!

It’s finished! Mythic Sarkareth has been defeated and we finish US 300th. We’re starting to enter our offseason now which means many of the trial players we’ve picked up will get some raid time in. It’s a great way to see if they’re a fit long term. Most of the earlier bosses should be easy enough to cut through since we’ve killed them multiple times, but we haven’t gotten any reclears on the later encounters and I’m worried about what the reclear (or reprog) would look like. We’ve also had a few of our veteran players move on from the raid team resulting in a big void that’ll need to be filled. I’m not sure if we’ll get back to Sarkareth in a week, but it might take us 2 or 3 to get back there again. Feel free to check us out and come join!