Rebooting the Team

We’ve had a lot of turnover recently since our first Mythic Sarkareth kill. This is the first week where we got to see the full force of our trials enter into our system and see what they can do against a battery of raid bosses. We did get a good look at all of them and finished the weekend at Zskarn. Lots of close wipes under 10% but for a significant number, it was progression (myself included since I wasn’t there for the kill). Truth be told, those were my expectations. With that big of a brain drain, I knew it was going to be a struggle and that there would be no way we would end up in front of Sarkareth or Echo in the span of a reset. Still, things look promising. Every boss from here on out is going to be new for me since I stepped aside for the sake of progression early on and knowing that I wasn’t the best healer for it then.

I’m beginning to regret that decision now knowing how hard of an uphill battle it’s going to be just to secure that reclear. I was pretty pissed at the number of players looking to move on right away. There were even some who cowardly left without so much as saying goodbye to everyone which left me both disappointed and furious. If you’re going to leave a raid team after being with them for multiple tiers, don’t just ghost everyone. It’s a complete bush league move.

There are other departures underway and thankfully they gave us notice ahead of time. I’ve got at least a few weeks to look for additional replacements but that clock is already ticking. I’m not too worried. I’ve helped assemble raid teams before in the past. This expansion was no different. I helped upgrade the roster from Shadowlands when we were satisfied with AotC and mid-mythic and converted the team to a CE-level raid group and I can do it again. What saddens me the most is all the players that planned to bail right away. I wish they all could’ve stayed a bit longer to help those of us on the sideline secure CE before checking out (y’know, like me). Some want to move up and push rankings right away, others can’t sustain the weekend schedule anymore. It sucks, I get it. There isn’t even a date announced for season 3 raids and people want to quit and leave? It sucks but all I can really do is move forward. Can’t fault them for wanting to move on and push their rankings higher up but I don’t quite see the rush to do so right now since it’s not like the next raid tier’s going to come out in a few weeks and they need to get situated fast. In any case, it’s their decision and I hope everyone lands where they want to be.

To compound matters further, the GM has announced that he’ll be scaling back his raid involvement. He’ll still be around to help and hopefully be a body, but organizationally will hand off a lot of his duties. That means things like attendance, loot council, recruiting, raid calling, and strategy design be off the plate. I can take care of and hustle on the recruiting side of things. We have a few players stepping in to handle raid calling and defensives. Attendance and groups are easy to put together. The biggest gap is strategy design and that is something that needs to be solidified for season 3. We can get by with our current polaybook for the reason of season 2.

This must be what Bill felt like when Brady left for Tampa and when his offensive coaches left for other positions. Lots of pieces to pick up and put together.

My list right now:

  • Augmentation Evoker
  • DPS Warrior
  • Ret Paladin
  • Resto Druid (or a Disc Priest)
  • Preservation Evoker
  • Holy Paladin
  • Mages

We still have the personnel to raid this week and extend on Zskarn. There’s a marginal benefit to doing a reclear and just isn’t worth the time. We have open spots so come check us out.