5 Gaming Lessons from Matticus

I got tagged. I’ve never really done one of these before, but I have read about them. How nice of GMW to conveniently provide me with an outlet on a slow day. I’ve been asked to come up with 5 lessons that gaming has taught us.

Without further adieu and in no particular order:

  • Game reviewers can no longer be trusted
  • A little bit of post game analysis goes a long way
  • You are represented by your actions
  • Idiots come in all ages
  • School and WoW don’t mix

Just some various notes for the upcoming math. December is now upon us. It’s the best time of year with food, presents, drinking, etc. It’s also the worst time of the year with exams. As such, I will be posting at a much reduced rate (2-3 a week).

Another layout’s on the way. Should be up before New Years. I was reading up on some design principles and philosophies. Boy I built this place incorrectly.

Curse website looks great! I wish we could move some of the widgets around and that the stupid preview function in the blog would work. That would make my life so much easier when I write there. Good grief.

3 thoughts on “5 Gaming Lessons from Matticus”

  1. In regards to School and WoW.

    When I first started playing WoW, I had a very hard time adjusting my schedule for raiding time, especially when it came to doing homework and studying. Soon though, I found myself attempting to manage my time better.

    First off, In would start taking notes better in class, and simultaneously start doing the assigned work (Unless the Professor was giving a lecture). Then, when I had a moment of free time between periods, I would eat my lunch while finishing up the assignments and studying, so by the time I got home, I had nothing needed to do.

    Although, on nights where there were big exams coming up, it was frequent of myself to end up raiding and studying at the same time. Not an easy job, but it did improve my memory. 🙂


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