Achievement Tips: Arachnophobia

Players are slowly turning towards Achievements to see where and how well they rank compared to other guilds around them. With that in mind, I wanted to offer a few tips on how to get the them. Most of these tips are applicable to normal or heroic modes.

Achievement Objective: Kill Maexxna in Naxxramas within 20 minutes of Anub’Rekhan’s death on Heroic Difficulty.

In other words, you have 20 minutes to clear out the entire Spider wing. So how do you make your raid leaner in terms of time?

Loot decisions

The clock starts ticking the moment Anub’Rekhan’s carcass hits the floor. Assuming you have 1 tank and 1 healer who do not need loot, they can jet out the door and start clearing the next set of trash. Ideally, players won’t need loot from Anub’Rekhan or Faerlina at all and the loot master can wire all items to the disenchanter so everyone can move on.

But that’s unlikely.


Have a Priest start blowing up the Worshippers. Yes, before she enrages. If you have every healer tasked to the main tank, then they should stay up. By blowing up Worshippers, you can save yourself precious seconds of DPS time.


If you have two Shamans, you get access to 3 Heroisms. If you’re really good at timing, you can squeeze off one on Faerlina, one on the trash pull to Maexxna, and one on Maexxna herself.

Trash Pulls

There are a few pulls that you can skip. I know there are a pack of spiders that patrol up to the ramp that lead to Maexxna’s chamber. Time it right and you won’t have to deal with them. But if you have to take them out, try to slowly drag them up the ramp and kill them there.


Speed is of the essence. Every trinket you have, blown. Every cooldown, used. Every nuke, critted. I spot the highest caster DPS on my active Recount and throw them a Power Infusion as soon as it is up.

If you can focus and channel your efforts, this will be an easy achievement to attain. Chain pulls are the order of the day.

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  1. You can leave loot until after you’re done – so long as you do the achievement in time the loot will not have despawned. We had time for a quick wipe (silly pull) when we did this – though we started looting back at Anub once we were done ‘just in case’.


    Auriks last blog post..Achievement Hunting

  2. Can you give my guild tips on the Heigan dance? I haven’t failed it once and yet every week someone dies. We’ve been clearing Naxx for months and no one in our normal group run has the achievement. I’m joking, it’s not like we don’t know the fight… just some people…

    Anybody know if the Spore Loser achievement was fixed in 3.0.8?

  3. My raid group got this achievement almost by accident today. It’s not hard, all you have to do is chain pull the trash and don’t waste any time on looting like you said.

    As for Heigan’s dance, I find this video shows the exact locations of the different steps pretty well: personally I also find it easier to strafe, while facing heigan rather than running forward.

  4. sigh sarcasm = fail

    about loot… most guilds don’t realize this but… you don’t need to loot any corpse until the achievement is done so you can totally skip the time wasted by loot decisions *cough*lc*cough.* yes even my sarcasm fails. anyway you have 45 minutes to loot a boss corpse b4 it despawns. And yeah i know some guildies are greedy and absolutely have to get gear right when it drops but with patience comes virtue. I’ve noticed recently guilds don’t really care when someone is dc/d when they loot the corpse. I think people should really check their raid and ensure the entire raid is there.

    If your guild is good enough you can pull the entire faerlina room without wiping pretty easily. Also on Faerlina herself, you can easily just kill her adds away from her off the bat. This also gives you the momma said knock you out achievement.

  5. I actually tested my guild tonight. I pushed them through the spider wing and got this achievement tonight with ease, and we only used BL on Maexxna. Then we killed Patchwerk in three minutes and TWO seconds. WTF. 🙁

  6. FYI, if player’s do need loot from either bosses while doing the achievement, you can skip looting the corpses and they will not despawn. After you are done with Maexna and completed the achievement just simply go back to the other bosses then Loot Assign as normal.

    The only difficult achievement I found is The Undying/ The Immortal. No matter what someone does something stupid at least once in the instance and dies to it. The Spore Loser achievement was hard when the spores would self destruct but now that they despawn you can let them do their own thing till they leave you alone. Only thing to be cautious of is unintentional dmg. Retribution Aura, Consecrate, Thorns, Multi-Shot, etc etc etc. So many abilities can accidentally kill one of them so the best thing to do is have someone kite them around the edge of the room till they despawn.

    Perzyxs last blog post..3.0.8 Shot Rotations (and why you shouldn’t use Red Bull with Toothpaste)

  7. Might want to check your grammar before you post such things…..

    Players are slowly turning towards Achievements to see where and how well they rank compared to other guilds around them. With that in mind, I wanted to offer a few tips on how to get THE them. Most of these tips are applicable to normal or heroic modes


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