Actually, I’m not quite finished yet…

After Gruul’s last night, I popped onto a vent server of a guild that I am friendly with. I just joined the channel as they were beginning to engage Prince. I noticed some regulars and some new people who I assumed were pickups. He did a fairly decent job of explaining the fight, telling the MT where to stand, telling which healer should heal who, and all that. Then out of no where, someone else starts speaking up and re-explaining the encounter in a much greater detail (and he was wrong in some aspects) in a manner that was disrespectful.

Here’s my beef: If you’re the guest of a raid, that is, you’re not a regular member, you keep your mouth shut unless it’s something super important to say that the raid leader overlooked. Even then, there’s a certain amount of tact required. For one thing, you don’t just blatantly interrupt the raid leader as they’re speaking. There’s a certain amount of etiquette required. Even though WoW is largely considered a social game, a lot of players don’t have an ounce of social skills.

There’s a lot of things you don’t do in life.
You don’t date your best friend’s sister
You don’t tell racist jokes at your black girlfriend’s house (saw the movie on tv yesterday, it was pretty funny)
You don’t go over to someone’s house and tell them how to do things without being asked to
and you sure as hell don’t overrule the raid leader

If you’re going to go join a pug raid with another guild, it’s important to remember that you are just a guest. If you leave a bad impression like the aforementioned fellow did, don’t expect to get an invite back if they ever need an extra body. It’s wrong, rude, and impolite. It took me an insane amount of effort to tell that player to stuff it. But of course, I wasn’t in the raid nor was I in the guild and I did not have the authority to do it. After speaking to a few of the players afterwards, they agreed with me in thinking that that player was a pompous zealous idiot. While his intentions were good, he mistakenly assumed that my friends were all idiots who were starting Prince for the first time when most of the players in the raid already have half the gear that he drops. It almost sounds as if he’s got some kind of superiority complex involved where he likes to tell players what to do when they don’t need to hear it. Don’t insult their intelligence. In addition to that, the extra crap he was spewing out was largely irrelevant or had already been covered. It was already 11 PM server time, and he was wasting precious raiding time.

My friends, when you have a chance to join a pickup group to raid Karazhan or Gruul’s, mind what your manners. You are a guest of the group, nothing more. You can be replaced at any time if they feel like it.

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