Augmentation is Fun!

Have you tried the new Augmentation spec for Evokers? It’s been out for a few weeks and I’m really enjoying playing the spec. It’s something different. Can’t quite put my finger on as to why. I appreciate that it’s a relatively low pressure spec. I don’t need to be constantly aware of my party’s health bars like I would when healing a key on my Priest. At the same time, I’m not as dismayed if I’m not doing high damage in the key either. I feel much more confident pushing higher keys on the character compared to my Holy Priest. That might be because I’m not responsible for everyone’s health! I’m tempted to make a run to 3000 rating, even.

In a raid setting, I don’t feel quite as impactful or active but that might come with more raid reps. With more players in a raid, it just didn’t seem critical and I’m just mashing buttons letting buffs get auto’d to people. I could be more picky and choosy though.

I’m really bad at maintaining my Blistering Scales uptime though. Whoops.

Anyway, it’s been a fun side distraction away from my Priest(s). As of today, I now have all portals on this Evoker. Makes it my third character (after my Ele Shaman and Holy Priest).

In other news

I met up with Subastian who was in town for an event. He was the raid leader in Conquest for a good portion of the time. We got to chatting about the game and it turns out he raids during the weekdays on a Wed and Thurs team. Since I was looking for a weekday group, I signed with them last week to help them out on the healing end with my other Priest. They had been working on Mythic Experiments for some time and after a few tweaks to Dispel timing and coordinating defensive usage, we defeated it last night. Now we’re onto Rashok prog! I forgot how much I missed the encounter. It’s one of my favourites to heal. For the first night, we managed to push Rashok down to 38%. Healing comp here is Holy Priest (me), Evoker, and two Paladins. I’m not quite sold on having a second Paladin, but it’s all we have to work with. Now the next step for the team is ball dodging!

It’ll be another quiet weekend for DJ’s due to scheduled vacations this week which means no Sark progress, unfortunately. But the good news is after this week, there are no more scheduled absences so we should be back on the Sark train. We’re still looking to pick up a healer and some DPS. Come check us out!