A Triumphant Roar Echoes

I can see the bad luck protection is starting to kick in. Nasz’uro dropped for me on Tuesday morning in a pickup raid group that had like 15 Evokers in it. 3 of us scored it in that run. Of course, I never assumed I was going to get one so I never took the time to accumulate all the materials to begin with. All im all, the cost for me was just under 230k gold. I remember all of that stuff being more expensive at the start of the season, so I gambled that the price of everything would slowly go down over time. Illimited Diamonds were being sold for about 120g apiece and Awakened Orders were also much more affordable.

In terms of the acquisition system, it’s a bit of a new one. After going through it myself, I found it to be accessible minus the random element of the actual drop item. That chance to drop component kinda sucks and it’s really annoying to keep killing the same thing hoping it to drop. I’m glad I didn’t have to go after Sarkareth on every difficulty. What’s really annoying to me is hearing the same people complain and whine about the lack of drop for them every night along with their loathing of other Evokers in the guild and community who’ve gotten theirs.

Seriously, we get it. We know you’re annoyed and we’re annoyed for you too. I guarantee you that after 8 weeks of Sark, there aren’t many people that are still in there who want to kill him again and would rather move on to Mythic or something. After 9 weeks of incessant complaining, I get tired of hearing about it day in and day out.

Ideally, I wish the bad luck protection would’ve started kicking in earlier.

The construction part involving all of the professions and relying on other players to help is a fun idea. Aside from Legion and Shadowlands, Legendaries have always felt as a collaborative effort for the raid group and the guild. I remember farming those components in raid for Val’anyr and Dragonwrath. So having to acquire raw materials and getting professions to assist makes it seem like it’s our legendary.

This is the second Evoker in DJ ‘s to get a legendary and none of our mains has acquired one yet. In the mean time, it’s time to make the climb to 3000 rating after hitting 2800 this past weekend.

Back to Mythic Sark action this weekend! Still looking for players to join the team, check us out!