Buying Time

In the latest build of the PTR, a mysterious Enduring Elixir of Wisdom was discovered. Increased XP gain but for a price! Who knows what that price would be? Such varied opinions when word of this was released.

I admit that I am the world’s worst person when it comes to micro transactions. New mount? Sure. New pet? Yeah, let me whip out my credit card. Don’t even get started with me on League of Legends. I’m fairly certain I’ve redeemed over $1000 in Riot points just for new skins and champions the day they’re released. I’m pretty sure I spend more money on virtual vanity items than I do on real life ones.

But this ain’t exactly a vanity item.

When I was leveling my Monk to 90, I repeatedly stacked that daily quest XP buff. I think I built up a nice 13 hour stack at one point because I was unable to devote any meaningful time to it except for the periodic weekend or late night binge.

Years ago, if Blizzard had said they were developing an item like this and putting it up for sale, I would’ve been annoyed. But now that I’m working on my umpteenth alt, I have a slightly different perspective. I despise the leveling game. I love the end game. If I had an opportunity to pick up an 85 character, I’d do it and level it up the rest of the way. There comes a point where you’ve killed Hogger more than enough times. You’ve saved Redridge over and over. You’re tired of bailing out Corki infinitely from his own stupidity in Outland.

Anyway, maybe we’re just making a huge mess out of nothing and it’s going to be a region locked item of sorts.

Time to work on the ret pally! Almost 87!

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4 thoughts on “Buying Time”

  1. Holy smokes – what if that item existed in real life? Think of the things I could procrastinate about on an epic scale!

  2. I don’t have a huge problem with it.  Leveling isn’t particularly hard or time consuming at the moment, anyways.  Also, we’ve had this ability for years – Recrut a Friend works for multiboxing accounts, essentially giving triple experience up to level 80.


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