Carnage scores shorthanded! (Lurker down)

Lurker 1 – Carnage 2

Those were the headlines last night as Carnage, a special forces guild on Ner’Zhul marched into Serpentshrine Cavern to help prepare for the oncoming winter. Repeated attempts to summon this monstrous monstrosity of a monster failed with various fishermen ill-equipped to lure a creature of this size. But in the end, dinner would be served. Now we look forward to eating fish for a whole year.

Moments before the kill. As you can see, Carnage lost three strategic members during the encounter. But perseverance was in order today. With 2% left to go, we would not be denied.

While the group was busy discussing who would get what piece of the kill for dinner, a secret shot was taken. The skull icon over that one fellow over there indicates he gets first pick of the part.

[item]Bracers of Eradication[/item]
[item]Cord of Screaming Terrors[/item]

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