M’uru Down, 2 Weeks Remain


Obligatory M’uru screenshot. Big giant tank and spank. Voidzone evasion skills are a plus.


Now we have this Kil’Jaden fellah. Only once we were able to get to 25% but we lacked the DPS and he exploded all over our faces. I need to push for stronger players the next time we go in there. We have players doing less than 1000 DPS on the last boss in the game. That has to change. Twice now we were barely able to tip him past the different percentages. We lost to Darkness 3 times because we had no Dragons available.

This is Kil’Jaden.

He’s the hardest boss in the game.

If you’re not doing at least 1000 DPS or higher and you’re not handling Dragons, what the hell are you doing here?

I have two options available. I can either reduce healers from 9 to 8 (which is going to stress the remaining healers even more than they are) or we move players that aren’t DPSing hard enough in favor of those who can.

It’s unacceptable.

Two weeks. Just two more weeks. I need more time.

Is Sydera a Barbershop Addict?

In a word, yes.

I don’t actually have pictures for you of all Syd’s new haircuts, but I will admit that they occur at the rate of about one per day.

Here’s the look I’m currently sporting. I find it ironic that Phaelia of Resto4Life couldn’t wait to get rid of her facial tattoo–I couldn’t wait to get one!

Below, you can see yesterday’s pigtailed look. It was a good thing too, because my hair was out of my way when I got sick from too much Halloween candy. Carmelita, to my left, is pretending not to know me.

All this, after I promised Briolante I wouldn’t change my hair. . . much. My favorite tank/ significant other extraordinaire says he’s very glad I always look the same in tree form. Syd just doesn’t look like herself these days.

Oh well, at some point there will probably be a return to my long mint-green locks.

Normally, I Don’t do Loot Posts but I’ll Make an Exception


The Staff is being placed back on the rack in favor of a mace. I now officially have the best possible gear I can get from Black Temple and there’s no real reason for me to go back there. With the expansion so close, I’m tempted to just shut down for a while and conserve myself.

Of course, arguments can be made that what’s the point of having all the gear if I ain’t going to use it, right?

Indecision 08!


Here’s the beauty on the right. It’s a shame it had to come so late in the expansion. I went all in on the mace with 324. I’m almost certain that has to be a record for most DKP spent on an item in the guild.

Wait until you see my new Off Hand that I just snagged and purchased! Keep scrolling down!















Yeah. Respect the Whale.

Aside from that, Happy Thanksgiving to the Canadian readers!

EDIT: Oh yeah, we got our first War Glaive as well (But honestly, War Glaives are overrated ^^)

EDIT 2: Realization that both Wyn and Syd will probably skin me alive for using said off hand. But I like the mini wand.

EDIT 3: Have 2 articles on WI pending for 2 PM and 3 PM release Pacific Standard. Its an overview of the new talents, suggested builds, mana management, gemming, spells, and other healing info for the raiding healing Priest. Don’t forget to check it out! (I’ll try to remember to link them later or maybe I’ll bug Wyn to do it. Give her some <3!).

EDIT 4: I’m taking the day off from blogging. I write way too much. I don’t think I’m a bloggerholic though. Am I? Nah. In an ideal world, I’d just come up with ideas and delegate them to people. Some people can’t seem to spark ideas. I come up with too many. I think we’d be a perfect match! =)

EDIT 5: Bed. Flopping into it after a long day has to be the best feeling in the world.

Matt’s Outlook for the Future

I was leafing through the Psychology Today publication (a great non WoW blog, mind you) and I ran into an article about George Carlin’s outlook on life. It was an interview he did for PT. There’s a few lessons I want to impart. I liked the post format a lot that I wanted to try!

Except in my case, I won’t be looking back. I’ll be looking forward.

On Wrath. Lots of fun. I can’t wait for it. It’ll be out in a little over a month with new zones, new things to do and I’ve eased off the beta for a while. I only leveled to 73 on my Character copy Priest. I guess I just got tired. I was more interested in raiding anyway.

On blogging neighbors. Blogging’s changed since I first started. A lot of old time faces I knew have retired from the game and have moved on. There’s a lot more new faces and strong bloggers out there. Once Wrath arrives, I suspect we’ll see a surge of quality stuff as new posts get written by people who want to get their thoughts down.

On marketing and promotion. I’ve seen bloggers who state their adamant position that they’re writing for themselves and that’s it. Later on I come back finding these same bloggers concerned about their lack of traffic. Sorry guys! Can’t have one without the other! If you want to see an increase in traffic, you have to write for yourself and for your audience! There’s a lot of excellent writers out there who are bright people. But here’s the trick: You have to learn about marketing and promotion. Draw attention to yourself. Link outwards. EMail other bloggers asking for a link (you can do it subtly, too. Just don’t play this card every post, only on the epic ones). I miss good posts all the time and by the time I think about linking to it, its out of date. Use Twitter. Use Facebook. Use Curse.com. Email WoW Insider. We’re always looking for stories and if its well written and newsworthy, we’ll put it up. Put the URL in your forum signature. Ask for subscriptions. I could go on and give a lecture about this.

On reading. Will Smith said it best. There isn’t a problem on Earth that someone hasn’t already solved and hasn’t already written about. Don’t stop learning, don’t stop absorbing information, and always ask questions. Because to put it bluntly, if you don’t ask, you won’t get an answer. But reading is very important. Try to catch 15 minutes a day with a magazine or a blog. Try reading a Non-WoW blog.

On creativity. The thing I miss the most about being a kid was being foolish and having an imagination. I just can’t seem to do it anymore. I know as I grow older its only going to get worse. There’s no such thing as a bad idea. What may not work for one person could work for you. Be creative! Try something new! Do something no one’s done before. I really want to try Slidecasting and I do have an idea in place to see if I can pull it off. Yeah it’ll take a lot of work, but I view it as a different way to express myself.

On special occasions. Happy birthday Aylii! They should be recognized. Even a gentle reminder would be nice. Guys are just bad at remembering dates (actually, it might just be me).

On modus operandi. It’s a term in law known as mode of operation. It describes characteristic patterns and their style of action. I’m a Priest at heart who loves the job of healing and who loves the job of writing. My style has always been straight and to the point (most of the time). But I’ll express posts in different formats and I won’t hesitate to borrow other formats and apply it to WoW.

On Blizzcon. I wish I could go. I’d love to attend but school keeps me away. I won’t be able to go next year if it falls at the same time again. It ends up usually around Mid term time for me. Have fun, all of you that are going! I look forward to reading about your stories and seeing photos!

On the joy of writing and being read. Its a tremendous feeling and it offers a heck of a high to wake up to in the morning after checking stats and reading other reactions. Its nice to be recognized for the effort that’s being put into the work I do. A lot of people don’t understand that blogging at a high level is hard work. So why do I do it? Because I love writing! If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be here and its always been that simple. I rest easier knowing that I’ve helped a player out there improve themselves or teaching someone how to do something. Its not a feeling that can be placed into words. Some people like to entertain, some like to rant or rage, but I just like teaching.

On laughter. We need more of it in this world.

What about you? Not necessarily on the above topics I chose, but pick 10 random topics or lessons and write down how you feel or what you think about them.



It’s getting ever so closer. Until then, I get to enjoy this dee-licious chocolate cake all by myself!

For 9 gold! It was on sale.

Think I’ll go take the day off and get away. Knowing my luck, something completely cool and badass is going to happen and I won’t be able to report it until Saturday =(.

Kalecgos down to 11% and 16% respectively (both halves). Buckling and gradually losing bodies after the 5th portal set.

Anyway, back to this cake…