Posting Policy

World of Matticus has been around for 3 years now and in that time, we’ve published a wide variety of articles. Not every post is immediately approved. Certain guidelines are followed to help ensure that post quality and standards remain high. We strive to deliver quality and meaningful content. Our partners and advertisers do not influence the content or opinions of the writers.

Every effort is made to fact check articles before they are published. If any errors are made, we’ll do our best to fix as timely a manner as possible.

Our policy will be revisited periodically and updated if necessary to ensure it reflects the goals of WoM in remaining a quality online publication.

Posting policy and commitment to responsible content

  • World of Matticus (or WoM) will not publish sponsored or paid posts.
  • WoM doesn’t do public relations stuff for people (but we’ll write about services or products that we genuinely like which may benefit the reader).
  • The opinions and posts of the WoM team and guest posters are not influenced by advertisers or sponsors.
  • WoM does not sell links.
  • All posts on WoM are done on a purely voluntary basis.
  • The WoM team will take reasonable steps to ensure that copyright infringement does not occur and will take immediate and appropriate action if it has been detected. We respect the rights of bloggers and will not publish links to any sources that have been found duplicating the work of others.

Last updated 1/11/2011

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