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I continue to get messages and complaints about my twitter use periodically. I have a fairly simple and effective solution for everyone: UFM. This handy acronym means Unfollow me. The simple act saves tweeters a lot of time and heartache and is the idea for everyone. It was coined by Guy Kawasaki when his followers were complaining about his tweets.

Some common reasons to UFM are:

  • I don’t like you: Pretty fair reason to UFM. I’m not likely going to change who I am or how I tweet, so you should unfollow me.
  • I tweet too much: I’ll tweet anywhere from 30 – over 100 messages per day. If I’m dominating your twitter stream and you’re missing out on others, it’s easy enough to unfollow me.
  • Too many links: If I see cool stuff, I’ll tweet the links. You might not think it’s cool but I find them interesting in some manner. My blog also feeds into Twitter where new blog posts will show up. Not everyone on Twitter uses RSS readers. If you can’t handle the 1 out of many tweets per day that is a link to my recent post, you should probably unfollow me.
  • Too vulgar: I’m a young student. I get angry sometimes. I’m going to swear. It’s a part of who I am. I have no desire to censor myself but that doesn’t mean I’m flooding twitter with obscenities too. It’s a part of my personality and if you don’t like it, you’re encouraged to unfollow me.
  • Too much Warcraft: Oddly enough, WoW is the main reason why I use twitter so I can find and help other Warcraft players. If you don’t care for more WoW tweets, you should unfollow me.
  • Too much real life stuff: I get asked why don’t I split my twitter into a personal and WoW account. I’d rather not. WoW is always going to be a part of my life and I don’t see the need to split into a personal and “business” twitter account. It’s too much of a hassle and I tweet mostly WoW stuff anyway. Tweets from me are legit and straight from me no matter what it’s about.
  • Too many spoilers: I like to log some hours on the public test realm. The PTR has a whole bunch of spoilers and the like and I’ve been known to tweet my surprise at upcoming features or bosses. If you don’t want to get spoiled, then definitely unfollow me.

The world isn’t going to end. Numerous people will follow and unfollow me every day. Some of the reasons are sound and other times they don’t quite make sense (I was told I was unfollowed once because I talked to someone). It’s funny how I’m apparently spamming people when the act of following twitter users is voluntary. If you don’t like someone’s tweets, the bottom line is you should make it easier for yourself and others and just unfollow them.

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