Deep Thoughts, by Wynthea

I am truly blessed in that I have always managed to have consistent friends to group with in the game. My Human Priest leveled with a darling Paladin, and a Warrior has always had my back on my Troll. In fact, if I ever need to run an instance or three, all I have to do is find a willing Druid, Pally, or Warrior, and announce that the two of us will be running _____. I don’t think it’s ever taken more than 5 minutes for us to get our DPSers and go. This has lead me to a startling revelation about our class: Priests do have pets. They are called Tanks. I believe this should be added to our official class description.


9 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts, by Wynthea”

  1. I was always of the opinion that healers and tanks build up special relationships, especially in the 5 and 10 man content. So I’ve always had my favorite tanks, and like to think that they have favorite healers. But pets? LOL! 🙂

    Avonars last blog post..Teron Gorefiend

  2. so i was waiting for a zep in org, and a lowbie warrior asked me in /w “any tips for leveling a warrior?”

    i told him i’d been questing with a smexy belf priest since level 15.

  3. Though I am not a tank… At least not in the real sense of the word… I am a warrior and as such I have a Matt and a Harth. I recommend one of each to every Warrior.



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