Devise Your Own Strategy: Jin’Rokh

Ever wanted to come up with your own raid strategy instead of relying on videos and write-ups from people in the community?

Here’s your chance.

One of the recent raid tests on the 5.2 PTR was for Jin’Rokh. He’s the very first boss of the instance. He serves as the DPS and mechanics check for the  Throne of Thunder. In today’s post, I am going to show you Jin’Rokhs abilities. I won’t tell you how to beat it. You’re going to put on your raid leading tactics hat.

I want you to tell me how your team is going to beat it.

There are four statues in the corner around the room. Jin’Rok will throw a tank against the statue (Thundering Throw). The tank takes 250k+ in damage. Nearby players within 14 yards will take 200k and become stunned temporarily. The impact of Thundering Throw creates a pool of water on the ground. All players standing in this gradually growing circular-shaped pool gains Fluidity (40% increased healing, 30% increased damage done, but 80% nature damage taken). The pool increases the damage of any nature damage dealt by the boss to anyone standing within it.


Every so often, Jinrokh spawns an orb close to him (Focused Lightning). The orb will target a player and slowly travel toward them (Note the eyes above the player). When the orb reaches a player, it detonates and creates a mini-lightning spike (called a Lightning Fissure).


If a player kites an orb into an existing Lightning Fissure, it will explode for lethal, raid-wide damage on contact. If an orb contacts a player inside the water, all players will be hit for 150k+.

After the pool expands to a quarter of the chamber, Jinrokh summons a lightning storm inflicting 70k damage per second to all players for 15 seconds. In addition, this storm electrifies the existing pools rendering players unable to use them for appropriate buffs and taking massive damage.


The question remains.

How is your raid going to defeat Jin’rokh? Where should they stand? Where does the boss get positioned?

3 thoughts on “Devise Your Own Strategy: Jin’Rokh”

  1. Alright, here’s my attempt at a strat for a normal-mode guild.
    1. Stay out of the water. It’s a trap! Yes, you give up the buff, but you also give up a lot of potential foolishness, and minimize the movement required. So if water is spawning in one corner, move to a different one.  (A heroic strategy would probably have to make use of the water buff to meet the enrage timer.)
    2. If you’re targeted by lightning, run to the edge of the room and let it hit you there. (I’m a little unsure of if the lightning has to hit you, or if you can kite it long enough to despawn.) This puts all the spikes at the edge of the room out of everyone’s way. Plus the strat is easy. If you’re targeted, turn and run to the edge of the room.
    3. Don’t stand too close to the pillars. From the picture of the floor, possibly that inner ring on the ground.
    4. DPS the boss, task a healer to heal the spiked people, tank switch on a throw.

    • rverghes Forgot to clarify that. If you’re targeted by lightning, it must make contact. It doesn’t despawn and you can’t out kite it. You can speed boost temporarily but it’ll always eventually hit you.

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