Envisioning Your Guild House

Let’s assume for a moment Blizzard reversed their policy on guild housing.

Guilds would have a place of their own to call home.

Could be anywhere in Kalimdor or Eastern Kingdoms only.

It could be in any zone you want, and the design is entirely up to you. The contents, the trophies and amenities are at your discretion.

  • Where would your guild’s base of operations be?
  • What type of structure would your guild own? A castle? A bat cave?
  • What kind of cool stuff would a guest find if they entered your guild’s place?

For me, I’d deck out an underground bunker just north of Booty Bay. Always preferred the tropical environments. The mountains of Dun Morogh would be a distant second. Wouldn’t be a guild house without a pool table and a minibar set up. Naturally, there’d be an armory inside with different weapons from all the bosses we’ve killed throughout the years. You can see Deconstructor’s heart in a glass case in the lobby. Dragon skulls would be hanging on the wall looking down on visitors as they walked through. Of course, there’d be an aviary for all the gryphons and other flying mounts.

Anyway, it isn’t likely we’ll hear anything about guild housing anytime soon (if at all). But one can dream!

5 thoughts on “Envisioning Your Guild House”

  1. Personally, I’m not keen on the guild housing idea, but a trophy hall of some sort to be able to get a graphic representation of how different guilds on your server are doing would be cool.

    Each guild could have a “booth” or space in the hall and the items displayed there would represent what activities the guild focuses on and succeeds at, as well as include those memorable kills and epic items, sort of what they are doing with the individual battle standards in D3.

  2. I love the idea of guild housing. Minibar is a must. I think it could be a great guild perk. There could be a guild portal stone so that you can port into it with a cool down of course. I would also have a general message board where you can leave sticky notes for various members maybe with both private and public privileges. And perhaps include a photo album of various guild achievements and moments. As for location… I really love the area of Ashenvale and some of the Greek architecture & hot tubs in the houses, but that is probably too girly. Another flighty location would be the floating islands of Nagrand. Arathi Highlands would be a quaint locale. A new minor profession… Real Estate Agent… Wait, I wouldn’t want to see Trade Chat full of those adds!

  3. Perks like hearthing to your guild home
    Logging off in guild home granting reputation and or increased xp
    More than just an inn.
    Fireplace to cook and hang guildies stockings on winter veil
    Disco ball for the party goers. So when u walk on the dance floor you auto dance lol
    A bar where u get free drinks with exhaulted guild rep


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