Halfway through Mythic Castle Nathria3 min read

Thought I’d drop in and post a quick update as it’s been a while. January’s been a busy month (both professionally and personally). From a progression standpoint, we are now 6/10 M. I managed to stream a few of those kills so I’ll be sure to clip and those videos onto here for those looking for a Holy Priest perspective there.

Guildwise, we’ve seen the departure of a few players. Our current recruiting needs are a Mage and a Holy Paladin. If you’re interested in learning more, drop us a line and apply here.

Thoughts so far

The limited raid drops continue to be punishing. I understand the dialing back of loot, but it really does feel bad to only get 3 items in a 20 player raid. Though that’ll change with the increased raid drops along with the new Valor system.

Shriekwing is a good entry level Mythic boss. Once you understand the patterns, it’s easy to plan around them even if you can’t actually see the Echoing Screech.

Huntsman is one of those inconsistent bosses. Either you have some dumb wipes to it, or it gets cleared in short order. There is a large amount of healing that has to go out here because of the extra ghosts. For Holy Priests, it is just like healing fish in a barrel between Holy Word: Sanctuary, Circle of Healing, and such.

Hungering Destroyer was the first real test. This one’s hard to heal through as Holy and I can see why a Discipline Priest is almost mandated here. You have to be precise with timings and prioritizing players (and groups). Coordination is key to managing the leech and the health drain.

Sun King was amazing and I haven’t had that much fun healing a boss since Valithria (Icecrown Citadel). Lots of planning that goes into this one especially on a week-to-week basis as player gear improves and cooldown timings continue to be fluid.

Haven’t healed Lady Darkvein yet and I’m not sure if I’ll get the chance to. I’ll explain later but from what I see, advance knowledge of trig is essential.

Artificer Xymox saw a change of minus one healer, and plus a DPS. I was the healer would get cut but I did managed to make through many attempts into phase 3. Actually, this entire encounter can be summarized by making it through two key moments in phase 3 and if your group is able to do that, then Xymox falls.

Now what?

We’ve now cleared to Council. Our leadership has decided that the clock has started and that we’re going to look at extensions from hereon out until this tier is complete. That’ll mean no shots for me on Lady Darkvein or Artificer Xymox. I’m okay with this. I felt that putting me in the group against Darkvein would be detrimental as I haven’t seen the encounter at all and that the time spent for me to experience it would be outweighed by time spent on the remaining bosses in the instance. There would be a lot of wasted time in that sense. Xymox I can probably step in for as I’ve seen enough of what has to happen and how to respond appropriately.

That’s all for now! Trying to find written Council guides for healing is tough as there doesn’t seem to be any at all. Most of it is all on video and I don’t have the patience to sit through different ones. I miss the age of the written word!

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