Heroic Morchok as Holy Priest



This post assumes you know the general basics of the encounter. Morchok is typically the first boss most guilds attempt for heroic mode.

  • Avoid crystals as much as you can but be ready to help take one in the event a player dies early.
  • Regenerate mana with Hymn of Hope during Black Blood of the Earth. Do the same thing with Concentration Potion during the second iteration.
  • A raid cooldown per stomp on each side is usually enough to get your group through it.
  • Stay in Sanctuary form as much of the damage coming in will strike multiple players.
  • Be ready to Guardian Spirit the tank at a moment’s notice. Don’t hesitate.
  • Renew and Body and Soul players during Black Blood of the Earth.
  • It’s possible to heal properly specced Rogues and Death Knights during Black Blood of the Earth.

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