How Many Hearthstone Wins Does it Take to get to Masters?

Curious as to the amount of wins it takes to reach Masters? After the first beta wipe, I kept a running tally of the approximate wins it took to advance up the tiers. If you hit the quest log, it keeps a total of the amount of wins you have in constructed play and in the arena. It does not keep a record of your losses.

Let’s keep a few things in mind here first. I had around 300+ packs to open up due to the amount I invested into the game. This gave me a much larger card pool to work with than most players. Anything I didn’t have, I purchased with dust that I blew up my duplicates with which gave me three competitive decks out of the gate: Shaman control, Hunter aggro, and Murlock aggro. Most of the time, I mained my but would switch it up in case I ran into a string of losses.

I know, I’m superstitious.

Here’s the amount of total wins per tier it took me to advance.

Bronze 1: 1 win
Bronze 2: 2 wins
Bronze 3: 3 wins
Silver 1: 5 wins
Silver 2: 6 wins
Silver 3: 8 wins
Gold 1: 12 wins
Gold 2: 16 wins
Gold 3: 19 wins
Platinum 1: 23 wins
Platinum 2: 29 wins
Platinum 3: 34 wins
Diamond: 39 wins
Diamond 2: 52 wins
Diamond 3: 58 wins
Masters 1: 115 wins
Masters 2: (After reset) 143 wins
Masters 3: (After reset) 161 wins

I’m not sure what other factors are incorporated into the ranking system. If it’s straight wins, then it means everyone eventually can get into masters. After the reset last week, I resumed ranking again and it seemed that every win advanced my rank up. There’s a huge gap between Diamond and Masters. It took almost twice as long to get from Diamond 3 to Masters 1 as it does to get from Bronze 1 to Diamond 3. If you knock off the 15 wins it took after the second reset, then it’ll have taken around 128 wins to go from Journeyman to Masters 2 and 143 wins to go from Journeyman to Masters 3.

My suspicion is that I have a hidden matchmaking rating (MMR) somewhere which remained the same after the reset last week which explains why I was able to climb the ladder that much quicker compared to the first time. I’m really curious as to what other factors come into play with regards to ranks. Does it take into the account the strength or power of your deck? How fast you win? Activities in a match?

I have no idea if Grandmaster rankings have been implemented yet. Have you been keeping track of your wins?

Quest log wishlist

Track wins: How many wins have I had against other players in ranked vs unranked?
Track losses: I’d like to know what my win/loss ratio is.
Deck statistics: How many wins do I have for a specific class? How many losses? What’s my record against other select deck classes? What’s my win percentage as a Hunter deck vs Warlocks or Priests?
Other cool statistics: How many minions have I killed over time? How many minions have I put on the board? How much total damage have I inflicted? How much damage have I taken?

27 thoughts on “How Many Hearthstone Wins Does it Take to get to Masters?”

  1. I’m currently Master 3 with 58 wins. I didn’t check, but I would hazard to guess that I got Master 3 with 20-30 wins. It’s definitely tied your win/loss ratio. I only lost a handful of games before hitting Master 3. That’s probably the only thing it’s tied to with the possible exception of a hidden MMR.

  2. I am still at 3 Star Silver with 57 wins. I feel like I have been ‘stuck’ at 3 star silver for a fairly long amount of times and wins (at least 15), with some losses among those 15 wins while at 3 star silver. I play my Mage deck the most, and get most of my wins from it. I have unlocked all classes, but have mainly only played others as a daily quest would require so. I have no idea when or what will make my 3 star silver advance to the 1 star gold. I was not this high ranked before the wipe, I believe I had gotten to 1 star Silver. Now thinking back, it seemed to have gotten back to 1 star Silver quite quickly and then slowed down majorly. I am clueless as to how it works.

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  4. Can you tell me more about raiting weekly reset? And why you climbed up faster? 
    If there is hidden MMR, that means you goint to face a hard opponents even at bronze right?
    Since those guys are also in lowest bracket now. 
    I had no problem to get first 50 wins, really bad players all the way. Problems started at 80+, then win ration droped to 1/3. 
    I wonder if i face same difficulties after a reset?

  5. It’s just about your W/L ratio.
    I was Diamond 3 after 15-0, but then ive just lost cuz basic cards wouldn’t work anymore.
    So ive just tested some decks and was Master 1 after 70 another Wins.

  6. I just hit Masters 1 with 60 wins total. I just started the game last 3 days ago and I lucked out? I’ve been winning every single match with a total NOOB deck on Play mode.

  7. Hello, I’m really proud of myself because I just hit diamond 1 with 27 wins. I only play one deck and starting playing this game four days ago. I’ve only opened 3 booster packs and not used any of the cards in them to get to where I am. Is this normal or am I particulary good?

  8. JackDaBawz You’re probably fair better then the average hearthstone player in constructed. As a lot of people are coming with no card game experience.
     But I think the real test right now is arena. There seem to be even more good players in arena than 3 star masters especially as you get to 7-9 wins. One mistake can really crush you. You should check it out. If you are still doing really well then yes you probably are very good.

  9. Your list states that it takes around 58 wins for diamond 3, but im in diamond three for like 15 to 20 games now and only have reached 45 wins. Does it maybe not only take wins but also loses to reach a specific rank? Maybe a specific number of games played and a specific percentage of that won?

  10. I’ve won maybe 100+ games and many games in a row. Still being Silver rank1. Been since first day I started playing ranked matches. I’ve mostly played with one character only which is lvl 26 now, but all the other are unlocked too.


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