Hymn of Hope is Removed and New Power Infusion Graphic

I checked.

I checked all possible trees (including Shadow but I didn’t screenshot that). Hymn of Hope is gone.

Yes, I know there was a new glyph added:

Glyph of Hymn of Hope *new*  — Your Hymn of hope provides 3 times the normal amount of mana per time, but its duration is 50% shorter.

But Hymn of Hope isn’t there and I have nothing new to learn from the trainer.

disc-tree holy-tree  base-line-tree

Below is the new Power Infusion graphic on my Shaman. It sort of looks like the Shaman’s Elemental Mastery but with a bit more flare to it.


I’d say it blends with the Shaman set quite well!

10 thoughts on “Hymn of Hope is Removed and New Power Infusion Graphic”

  1. I have used HoH a few times in raids. In wwstats, only my own mana regen shows up. And it is such a small number that it’s a waste of 8 seconds, especially with my guild working on doing the easier heroic raids (Naxx and EoE) with fewer healers so we have higher dps and clear faster.

    I haven’t parsed a combatlog with other meters to see if wwstats is missing the HoH or if there really is no mana given to the rest of the raid.

  2. Good riddance to Hymn of Hope. Symbol of Hope was the reason why the best priest to have, hands down, was a Draenei priest. They took this amazing spell and watered it down to where it was simply a waste of time.

  3. I noticed last night that Hymn of Hope is gone for me as well, I was kind of confused about that, is it part of the patch? a bug? I don’t know, but that 2% mana regen for the party was oh so critical! /sarcasm

  4. Sadly – Blizz decided we needed to pay another 14 gold and change for each hymn.

    On Tues night I had to go and re-learn both hymns at the trainer…

    The good news is that they’re actually kind of useful now [ Yeah – I said it. 🙂 ] in tough spots or when there’s a pause in healing (now that we have to bring 3 healers to 10-man and 6 or 7 to 25-man again, you can actually pause for 8 seconds now and again).

  5. Just wanted to let you know this Hymn of Hope thing has been driving me nutz. My Human Holy priest used it for a long time, then it got removed a few months ago. I went to the trainer, and he sold me Hym of Hope and the other Hym (lvl 80) too. So I started a horde priest and asked someone about the Hymns, tried to visist trainer for Hym of Hope, and nada. Went to Allakhazam and it isn’t even mentioned as a racial or anything. But guess what? My 80 priest not only still has it but it works too as of today 6/19/09. Not sure what is going on, maybe its programming error. Perhaps when they removed it the 2nd time it defaulted to human/priest again, not sure.

    By the way, I was also Disc/Shadow dual specced when I got it back but I think originally it was for holy spec only but that is a guess at best.


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