Matticast Episode 12 – Officers, Healing Assignments, and Multiple Guild Raid Groups

Welcome to Episode 12 of The Matticast. This week Borsk, Matt, Kat, and Brian, discuss:

– Officer Options and Hierarchy

– Healing Assignments

– Running both a 25 and 10 man raid within the same guild.

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5 thoughts on “Matticast Episode 12 – Officers, Healing Assignments, and Multiple Guild Raid Groups”

  1. Borsk,

    is the addon that you use to track other healer’s cooldowns available commercially? or is it something you (or someone you know) custom made. I’d be very interested in trying it out

    • Hi Aremae,

      I’m not sure what Borsk or Matt use, but I really like the DBM plugin – Deadly Boss Mods Spell Timers. It has a bunch of preset class cooldown timers such as Rebirth, Last Stand, Misdirect, and it also allows you to add timers (I’ve added Guardian Spirit, Divine Hymn, Hand of Protection and others to mine).

      Hope that may be of some help =)


  2. I love this series! And I truly appreciate the topics you discuss — more and more I realize that our ability to perform well as healers (or any class for that matter) is affected by the group dynamics, communication, morale etc..

    This episode’s topic is timely. Before having to transfer servers, I ran with a fantastic guild who communicated well, efficiently, and were clear about healing assignments. Now, I’m part of another great guild, but the healing lead is less clear about assignments and doesn’t communicate much. That’s okay for the fights we have done, but it will not be enough as we move further along. Also, as we’re making the move to grow from 10 to 25mans, we’re having to pug healers. Inevitably, there is a lack of trust amongst healers, esp for the 1st couple pulls until we get a sense of each other. This wastes time as people die etc etc. Something I think would we largely resolved with clear, confident communication.

    I have tried to encourage more communication, but am not sure how to stress the point without coming across as critical or mistrusting. Do you have any suggestions?

  3. Thanks for the help guys. Kat I tried the DBM plugin during our thursday night raid. Borsk i’m going to try ORA3 next week and then i’ll compare the two.

    BTW great job on the podcast.


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