Matticast Episode 23 – Will Tank For Food

On Episode 23 of The Matticast, BorskMattKatChase and Brian discuss:

– Warcraft On Your Resume

– Leadership Structure

– Dealing with a GM who is bad at their class.

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2 thoughts on “Matticast Episode 23 – Will Tank For Food”

  1. I had to share a wipe story I have. In ICC on Festergut my best friend who was on a warrior tank was dancing in game by jumping around and slash dancing… to Lady Gaga So one one of his jumps he gets too close to Festergut and face pulls him while half the group was afk.

  2. Great discussion on gaming in consideration of the work place! On thing y’all didn’t talk about was the changing social norm in the world. We’re in a transitional period globally in terms of gaming acceptance. Our current generation is playing video games and in 10-15 years when our generation is running the businesses (small to large) of the world, it’ll be acceptable, and in some considerations, expected. The actions we take and the influences we pose now will shape how this pans out in the next decade. All social changes throughout history occur through people standing up. The time for gamers to stand up is nigh!


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