Matt’s Misplays: The Rashok is dead edition

We got ’em! Rashok has been defeated and that puts us in the 5/9 Mythic club. The first pull of the night was oddly quite close to a kill before we ran out of time (and alive players). It would be another 6 pulls before Rashok fell over. I played my worst that night. An upset stomach throws off your game and focus. This is on top of all the other things Rashok throws at you. As a healer, you have to completely manage your cooldowns. You must remain environmentally aware of the lava waves coming at you and prepare for the big purple cone of death that can crush you. High healing throughput is a requirement with all the absorbs going on. Fade is almost always going to be used on cooldown because there’s almost no wrong time to use it like on a leap or a soak or whatever. It’s a fun encounter to heal but it stretches the synaptic limit of a healer. Credit to the DPS as we were short damage checks on the previous week but we were able to meet and exceed them during the kill week.

  • Join us: Looking for some strong DPS here including Death Knights and Warriors to help us through the summer. Check us out!

Next on our list is Zskarn (and the Z is silent because I was pronouncing it as Zuh-Karn). I’m sitting on the sideline for this one but sheesh if Rashok was bad, this looks infinitely worse.

Only a few misplays made the cut this week, but they’re both me!

This one’s a little sus for me. I thought I cleared the big ol’ cleave, but I didn’t. This has been slowed to 50% speed. But the funnier part is our Windwalker Monk who¬†advanced into it. That was funny. I have to do a better job of stopping my cast and moving closer to Rashok right after that third leap because I know that he’s going to drop that AoE cone somewhere. The best place to be when that goes out is near Rashok since you can simply run through him to get clear of the ability. If there’s one thing FF 14 gets right, it’s the clear lines on where abilities end. Still, this is on me for not anticipating the play earlier and getting into position.

On this play, there was a clearly missed smaller soak on the side here. I saw it too late but I don’t have the jets to get there early enough. Maybe the only thing I could’ve really done was spread out further away from the group before the smaller soaks came out.

That’s all I got. Best of luck in raid, team!