Matt’s Notebook: Mythic Raszageth, Week 1

We’ve officially started Raszageth’s progression! Technically it’s been after 3 days of pulls with solid, notable progress. A few of the highlights involved getting looks at the first intermission with everyone alive. The nerfs from the previous week made a world of difference. We’re dialed in now. There will be no more reclears until Rasz is defeated so our only upgrades will come from weekly caches.

  • Credit to our tanks: One of the more challenging parts here is maneuvering this giant freight train of a boss into the correct position and maximizing available space for the pushback. Our newest healer offered a method that worked out productively and Rasz has consistent positioning at the start now. I daresay this saved us a few pulls.
  • Evoker necessity: Rescue and Time Dilation are crucial. It’s actually why I’m the odd Panda out due to lack of movement. I can’t afford the race change to a Void elf for the gate (even with the sale). Which means I get to sit on the sideline drinking a mojito as I watch the stream.
  • Damage: Speaking of consistency, we started out getting five sets of pushbacks. Ideally, we want to phase just after four, but at least we can plan for five. With sparks coming up immediately after the fifth, we have to drop them off in the middle instead of at the edge like we normally do.
  • Survivability: Absolutely a must. The DPS checks are simply too valuable. Can’t afford any deaths in phase one. I’ve been told by friends that this is the hardest part of the entire encounter and it gets easier from there. It’s absolutely distressing to me when players jeoporize their survivability to eke out extra damage when healers are stressed enough as is and not even able to make a play to save them. Things like beams, spark damage, or bomb drops in the right spot all seem little but they all add up. Have to reinforice general usage of health potions and healthstones just to live in the first phase and not be greedy
  • Intermission: The focus on the next few raid nights is load balancing intermission groups to distribute damage. I wish we had some extra grief torches lying around to help. But already, we’ve made some changes to both sides and switching player spots around.
  • Roster needs: I’m looking to add a Death Knight (priority), Hunter, and a healer to our roster. It’s unlikely that any would see time on Rasz right now unless they had experience and pulls. But at this point of the tier, we would be looking to augment and reinforce our roster for season 2. Check out more information on our Raider IO page, or apply now.

For now, it’s back to stone farming. Many of them have been buffed recently (multiple times). I haven’t quite figured out the setup I want to get on my Priest just yet.