Matt’s Notebook: Mythic Raszageth, Week 2

Finished our second week on Raszageth!

  • Primordial Stones: It’s a good thing we raid later in the week. While starting out severely undertuned and dismissed, the rapid series of buffs and balances quickly propelled their usage up. It gave our team enough time to acquire the necessary stones and get them leveled up for our weekend raid progression. Even though I didn’t expect to be in, I had an Annulet loadout which included a Wild Spirit Stone, Exuding Steam Stone, and a Deluging Water Stone strictly for raid and the healing that might be needed. For Mythic dungeons, I have a Desirous Blood Stone, Prophetic Twilight Stone, and a Pestilent Plague Stone.
  • More progress: Not only did we advance into phase 2, we also had some excellent looks at intermission 2 with the three big elemental ads! Next areas of focus is solidifying and reinforcing mechanical play during phase 2 and getting more repetitions on intermission 2. If we can stabilize that, we move onto the final platform!

That’s it. That’s the only update. We’re pretty close. Our pull count is at about 114.