Mists of Pandaria Remix!

Are you kidding me?! Blizzard just announced a limited-time event where players can level through Mists of Pandaria in an express manner. I am actually really stoked about this. Even though I’ve had no interest in Classic or Season of Discovery or any of that, I am definitely intrigued by the Pandaria Remix. I guess it’s because it’s only for a limited time, and there’s speed levelling mechanics involved. Not only that, but the various raids are opened up earlier in the leveling process, which means I can step into it earlier. I’m going to look at assembling a weekly raid group just to step into those Panda raids. Some of my favourite encounters were in that expansion.

  • Tortos
  • Spirit Kings
  • Blade Lord
  • Durumu
  • Malkorok
  • Blackfuse

I just can’t help but wonder if they fixed that unskippable Tortos cutscene yet or not. Maybe they fixed it to be twice as long.

I’m not sure what class to level yet, but maybe a Priest. Or I could level a DPS character, but I’m not sure what was great around this time.

Anyway, aside from Pandaria news, we are continuing to recruit for Season 4 and beyond! Ideally, what we’re looking for right now are players who we can immediately slot into Mythic Fyrakk (as in, there’s no reroll or regearing needed and they’ve had a few pulls in there). For players with experience that isn’t quite there yet, I’d encourage them to apply later on in Season 4 or before The War Within.

For classes, we’re primarily looking for another tank and ranged DPS. Come check out our Raider IO page and apply via the link in the profile.