Mythic Fyrakk: Kill Video Analysis

Our official kill video for Mythic Fyrakk is now out and available! These are perspectives and shots from our initial CE kill.

I managed to squeak in for my CE kill, and it only took me 5 tries (seriously, why did it take so long, fellas? It didn’t seem so hard at all). There are only two days left, and there are several Race to World Last streams going on as guilds attempt to get their place on the CE list. Best of luck to those teams! I died on each phase at least once. The hardest phase of the encounter is like everyone said — the first phase. Can’t afford to relax or lose focus. The nerfed intermission phase is a nice breather with the reduced ball damage.

My finest moment is in this last phase:

I swear I slammed my feather button, but it didn’t go off! In any case, that’s a wrap for us on Season 3 and the whole expansion.

Season 4 plans

With the new season starting in just a few days, the Awakened raid schedule recently changed to a weekly rotation instead of every two weeks. I doubt we’ll step into Mythic Vault of the Incarnates right away. For us, our plan is to open with normal and then heroic before beginning to award and complete 4 piece tier sets for everyone. It’s doubtful we’ll get to Mythic Vault in the initial week. Our roster is sitting at 27 total players but we still have room for a few more. Our immediate need is a tank for the upcoming expansion, and we’ll be using this time to look for one that fits into our raid environment.