My desk

Me and a raid leader were comparing desk spaces the other day. He’s got a three monitor set up while I only use two: one for gaming, one for everything else while gaming.

I’m beginning to not enjoy these Maulgar-esque fights with multiple tanking targets. Tonight was Fathomlord day. We had the toughest time with four tanks and nine healers simply because the pet and hunter were being tanked by the same player who was getting knocked around all over the place. A tank being knocked all over the place is bad because 9 times out of 10 he will end up out of range. I’m busy slamming my Oh $&*% macro trying to keep the guy alive while moving around the damn pillar AND making sure I’m alive. Starting in SSC, I’m beginning to notice a trend where some of these pulls need to be accomplished with a tank, a healer on the tank, and another healer on THAT healer. Blizzard sure does seem to have endless gimmicky ideas for trash and raids.

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