Mythic Fyrakk Cleared: Dragonflight CE Complete!

It’s finally done! Fyrakk has been defeated and the Dragon Isles are once again safe! Death Jesters finishes Realm 8th (US 242). Our expansion tier finishes showed growth and improvement across each raid instance:

InstanceUS RankServer Rank
Vault of the Incarnates36314
I did feel like the odds were stacked against us when we entered Dragonflight seeing as we had primarily been an AotC guild when Shadowlands finished. We only finished half of Mythic in Sepulcher. That feeling rose up again after we cleared Aberrus and we lost a significant amount of players from that roster. I thought we would have finished further back outside of the top 300 US spot, but I was pleasantly surprised. We had a few new first time CE’s at the end of it so I’m thrilled for those guys. Here’s the final few seconds before the kill via Twitch.

So what now?

Our plan is to continue farming mounts until everyone on the team gets one. We have a systemin place for determining the mount order distribution. It’s either that, or we completely random roll it every time. I’ll have a future post on this because I can see how everyone would have different opinions on how mounts get distributed and what’s fair. Even with Fated coming out soon, I think our plan is to continue our focus on Amirdrassil until our mounts are complete. Though if we happen to clera and use the skip early, we can revisit the other older raids. Rumour has it there won’t be one rotating fated raid every week this time around. I’m looking ofrward to seeing what this new season looks like.

Let’s talk about Fyrakk because some of these phases are intense.

  • Communication during Mythic soak drops are absolutely critical. We had a few early wipes if they were missed. Always communicate left, mid, right for drop offs to minimize that overlap. At this level, everyone has to be vocal since we’re not all psychic.
  • Intermission orbs is where we did a lot of our learning. Immunities were assigned towards the end of it, and anyone who didn’t have one needed to say that someone else could cover it at the end.
  • Phase 2 cages seem finicky. There were a few times where some players that should’ve been freed weren’t even though they appeared well within the graphic.
  • Phase 3 was the home stretch. Our tanks picked up and held their corrupted seeds the entire time. We also burned two of Amirdrassil’s seeds right away with the first breath to minimize the chance of a fourth seed detonating and jeopardizing the raid later. We had more than enough damage to push by using just three sets of seeds.

Full Kill Video

That’s our kill video from our Mage’s perspective

Anyway, that’s it for us! We get to relax a bit and try out new games (like Helldivers and Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor). I’ll still be recruiting for the team heading into Fated and Season 4. Current class needs:

  • Tank (Maybe a Prot Paladin)
  • Evoker (Augmentation)
  • Demon Hunter (Havoc)

Check us out and apply if you’re interested!