Orbit-uary Post Mortem

Well, the crew and I managed to spend a solid 150 minutes on handling four towers tonight. It was nothing more than a simple continuation of last week’s three tower attempts (but slightly longer).

Yeah it’s been nerfed slightly. But on the raid kill satisfaction scale, I’d probably set it at 7.5 out of 10. It felt good though, for sure.

This is the third hard mode/meta achievement related boss we’ve accomplished since we killed Yogg. Last week, we managed to take down Heartbreaker on Heroic which allowed us to leapfrog ahead of several guilds. Good for top 20 on an extremely competitive PvE progression server (WoW Progress ranks the server as 7th in the US).

The Strategy

We utilized this strategy detailed on Tankspot. This involved having 2 launch teams consisting of 3 players each. It was practiced extensively on the week before with only 3 towers up. Last night was when we’d put it to the test. Despite having a slightly different launch team, overall I was really happy with the outcome. I think we only suffered a handful of deaths at the end but we managed to get the kill all the same. Working on flawlessness can come later.

The main hurdles that we had to focus on is coordination. Specifically:

  • Fire launch team
  • Retrieve launch team
  • Load second launch team
  • Fire second launch team

It took us around four successful shutdowns before we took him out. A great thing to do before the encounter is to spend a minute or two seeding the entire area with Pyrite. Blast those suckers down as they come in.

Anyways, the main problem we had for the majority of the evening was retrieving our launch teams intact. Our bikes had difficulty pinpointing where they were on the ground and which demolisher to bring the teams back to.

After a variety of tactics, assists were automatically handed out to everyone. This allowed them to mark themselves.

The launching demolishers were assigned three marks. The launch teams were also assigned three marks. Every time a player was launched, they would designate themselves.

Let’s say we had a Demolisher launching Bruno and Broseph. The Demolisher would be marked with a star. If Bruno was about to be launched, he’d tag him self with a square when he landed. This way, he can coordinate with the chopper that picks him up (square to star). Just as Bruno is about to be delivered, Broseph who is manning the guns on the Demolisher would then load himself in allowing Bruno to jump into the gunnery position of the Demo. Once Broseph gets launched, he’d tag himself with the square.

The other launch teams did the same thing and the overall efficiency increased. Sometimes it’s difficult to pinpoint Gnomes on the ground. That’s when the lucky charms come in handy. A script and macro that Amava figured out helped immensely. Try these:

Here is the macro that all the Launch Team members need for FL.

/script SetRaidTarget("target", n)

Where "target" is a toon name in quotes, and n is:
1. Yellow 4-point Star
2. Orange Circle
3. Purple Diamond
4. Green Triangle
5. White Crescent Moon
6. Blue Square
7. Red "X" Cross
8. White Skull



/script SetRaidTarget("Matticus", 8)

This will put a skull on Matt’s head.

All in all, a fairly fun encounter. Excellent work by all the players involved and those that were here for previous attempts but could not make it.

7 thoughts on “Orbit-uary Post Mortem”

  1. We did FL+4 last night – and we tagged the players going up top and the demos we were attached to. It became necessary especially for me as that bright white Parachute that every one gets when they get thrown off his back during overload, becomes Shadow when I get thrown off – making me harder to see.

  2. Interesting, I thought only one shutdown was possible. We usually have siege vehicles in corners killing adds, two sieges interrupting boss, demolishers spamming pyrite on boss and overload at around 30-40%. Usually overload brings it down to around 10-15%. One of the most important thing is to keep pyrite fully stacked on boss. If some stack drops it’s a MASSIVE damage loss, especially if it happens during overload

  3. We normally have 3 system overloads I believe. Marking the 2 choppers for pick ups, the players getting launched, and the demolishers is key. When I get launched, I say the name of the person driving chopper that is picking me up and tell them where I’m landing, then the demolisher driver tells the chopper driver where they are and voila. 🙂
    Vent binds for the two passengers being launched, demo driver, and chopper driver can be useful too to create a cohesive team and keep main vent a bit clearer.

  4. Reading this gave me an interesting idea which we will be trying next week. After overload, the parachuted people will use a focusing lens (on the choppers) via a macro like this:

    /target [target=Tamalyn-pet]
    /use Shadow Jade Focusing Lens

    Hopefully it’ll help guide us in to those hard to see spriests!


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