Owned by Tree Form

Note: This post is not WoW related. Feel free to mark as read and move on to the next blog in your reader.

No, I’m not talking about WoW’s tree form! I managed to snap up copies of Wii Fit yesterday.

No joke, it’s a lot of fun! I got up this morning and tried the tree form stance but I just can’t manage it. I guess Dwarf Priests were never meant to mimic their Druid counterparts. Feel free to read up more on my experience and goals with Wii Fit.

(Yes I know it’s called Tree Pose as Wynthea so kindly reminded me, but I had to tie it into WoW somehow.)

2 thoughts on “Owned by Tree Form”

  1. I find it best to focus my eyes on a fixed point in the distance–something on the wall maybe?

    To test how much this helps, do the pose with your eyes closed or looking upwards–almost impossible, right?

    Another thing to learn this one is to do it with your sneakers on for greater foot and ankle stability.

    Keep it up, you’ll be healing like a tree in no time.


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