Podcast Topic – 10s vs. 25s

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We’ve spent a lot of time talking about the unique challenges each size raid has. What are your opinions? What pro/cons does each have when it comes to raiding, recruiting, organizing, loot, attendance, etc? Also, are they really of equal difficulty in Cataclysm, or does Blizzard still have a ways to go to balance them? Is there a bigger discrepancy in heroics? We are leaving this one pretty open. We want to see how many different things the choice between the two is effecting for everyone and organize the discussion around those. So whether it is just letting us know your preference or some deep spreadsheet-laden analysis let us know what you think!

3 thoughts on “Podcast Topic – 10s vs. 25s”

  1. Our guild is primarily a 25m guild but we have used 10ms to test or learn encounters. Whether we kill it or not in 10m, we have downed the 25m version the following week based on what we have learned (hopefully Cho’gall this week!)

    I have immensely enjoyed the 10m more than 25m. The logistics of organizing 10 people has been easier, and I like the fact you are more accountable for your actions. A death in 10m has more impact than 25m. Some of the fights have seemed easier in 10m, but it is only normal mode so far. At this early stage of raiding it does feel that we are penalized more in 10m than 25 m for a mistake or death, but I think it’s from lazy Wrath raiding and old habits dying hard.

    It’s nice to have the option to break a 25m into two separate 10m raids, as we’ve had to do this a couple of Thursdays. We aren’t left high and dry if 3 raiders miss (our bench gets a little light as the raid week goes on) and switching to 10m raids keeps things going.

    Overall I am pleased with it. I would rather raid in 10m, but 25m is satisfying me enough.

  2. I used to raid in the 40 man days and enjoy large raids. I run a 25 man guild and I far prefer 25 man raiding. For me the entire thing just feels more “epic” instead of feeling like running a regular dungeon.

    My guild has been around for a year and we are a 25 man guild. We have 20+ people who have been raiding with us for 4-12 months and I don’t like the idea of fracturing the guild, I like it when we all raid together.

    I love the flexibility of 25 man raiding, for example being able to swap around tanks/dps or healers/dps for encounters just by have people respec and not having to worry quite so much about class balance because you usually have everything that you need as your disposal.

    We also have zero issues filling slots when someone needs to no show for a night because we have a full bench. I don’t think that would be as easy with a 10 man raid team. Also, if we need to split down to two 10s we have that option. With 10 man raiding where you generally have a smaller bench if someone doesn’t show you are out of luck and have to pug or cancel the raid.

    Within my guild we actually started out by running 10s at the release of Cata and the drama level was pretty crazy. We tried to set up two balanced teams but one progressed a bit further so we had a few people from one team feeling that they were better than others and people from the other team upset that they weren’t on the “better” team. There were even a few of our (newer) players wanting to split off and form their own guild. Thankfully our long time members are very loyal and calmed the few newer ones who wanted to split off down.

    Now that we’re back to running 25s that is no longer an issue and we are like one big happy family again.


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