Prismatic Reflections Need to be Banned


That’s it.

I’m pissed.

The first few times were funny, I’ll admit it. It’s okay if someone wants to try my transmog and appearance on for size. I do look rather dashing.


But I’m not laughing anymore. That stupid Prismatic Reflection thing got me killed!

I’m getting real close to instilling guildmaster decree No. 49! No more Prismatic Reflections!

Oh, I’ll tell you why this thing has me all worked up. Imagine doing Operator Thogar in a pug and someone innocuously using that Reflection on you. Of course, I’m too busy doing my healing thing to notice and it looks like I’m positioned safely and correctly on the track. A quick eyeball glance shows my distinctively looking overalls and lumberjack shirt standing on the right side of the train track. You can see my look above. There’s no way you can miss it. Fat farmer panda is a pretty unique looking panda.


Sure enough, the train doors fly open and take me with it.

I saw someone else who swapped appearances with me and we were standing so close together that I mistook them for my character.

I’ve stared down dragon aspects, undead lich kings, and fierce demons. And all it takes is someone switching their appearance with mine before I get dismantled.

I hate this game.

3 thoughts on “Prismatic Reflections Need to be Banned”

  1. Ahhh I feel you on this! I have been worried the same thing would happen with one of my tanks and I would wind up dying because someone would unintentionally heal the wrong person during a boss fight.

    Then again someone can argue that they should’ve been watching raid frames, but I know people who simply can’t focus everywhere, and thus rely on remembering each character (not effective but).

    Disliking the whole thing in general. Retweeted on Twitter as well.

  2. Hmm, I can see how that might be an issue. Personally, I zoom out pretty far and don’t transmog, so I don’t even know what my character looks like.


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