Save 10 Minutes on Mimiron Trash by Skipping it Entirely

I just discovered this pro tip yesterday from a Resto Druid app. He mentioned to me as we were clearing out Mimiron trash.

If you want to shave some time off in your raid, work the first trash pull and secure a Spider bot as quickly as you can. Then have that player power jump over the rest of the mobs all the way to the tram. He activates the tram, heads over to Mimiron, and then starts the encounter. That player has to die.

At that point, the teleport at the Spark of Imagination should now be active enabling the rest of your raid to enter in.

Some of you guys probably know this. But for the rest of us that didn’t, it’s a neat trick that should shave some time in your raids. We used this method in the last trash pull to gauge exactly how much space was needed. It might take you a trash pull or two to get used to the range. But it can be done.

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13 thoughts on “Save 10 Minutes on Mimiron Trash by Skipping it Entirely”

  1. I love tricks for the Mimiron trash. We make our ret pally run into the group of bomb bots (it’s like the 3rd or 4th pull) while bubbled. I love watching them explode to no effect.

  2. This has been confirmed in game by a GM as a cheat. I haven’t seen anything on the forums from a BLue yet, but we asked a GM after the fallout from the old MC Lucifron trash skipping trick. He confirmed that the method was not intended and may cause suspensions.

    IMO Use at own risk.

    EDIT: All the run in an Iceblock or bubble etc tricks are fine, as you still kill the trash… eventually.

  3. I consider this to be cheating and don’t agree with it. There’s “creative use of game mechanics” and then there’s just doing stuff that is obviously not intended, and therefore dishonest/cheating.

    Things like the old “stand on the hill so the doomfires can never ever reach you!” way of cheesing Archimonde (before they fixed it). That’s not creative use of game mechanics.. it’s removing something from the fight that is obviously supposed to be there.

    Most would probably say, “who cares, it’s only one room of trash, it’s no big deal”, but Blizzard obviously doesn’t intend for you to circumvent trash, so I think it’s wrong to do it.

    And frankly, any new app who suggests cheating in raids would immediately go on my watch list.. it may sound harsh to some, but I don’t want to associate with or recruit people who think it is okay and/or amusing to cheat, because eventually that is very likely to come back and bite me and the guild on the butt.
    .-= Keeva´s last blog ..Counter-rant: Not all hardcore raiders are a$$holes, you know. =-.

  4. The fact that early on you could skip his trash by just reaching the transporter and they added the need to actually pulll him before the transporter became active, probably means its not intended.

  5. To be honest you can skip it even without using the bots jump, so I fail to see how it’s really exploiting, it’s just saving a few lives.

    Just heal the bot to full and have it aggro all the trash and the whole raid just runs to the tram….

    Of course after you clear a pack or two you can even do it the same way just using tanks (as in players) to aggro the trash and the raid runs through. 1 tank for each group, with a CD to ensure they survive a while.

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