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So where has Lodur been you might be asking? Well I’ve been a busy Shaman. For those of you who may not know I am now the co-host of a weekly podcast called For The Lore. We transmit every week live on Monday’s at 6:45pm EST over at our Ustream Channel. We cover all aspects of modern gaming and some of the old school, we talk about more then just the lore of these games but the story is honestly a big part of why we play these games. Needless to say I’ve been quite busy with that and keeping the ball rolling over there. If you have time feel free to check us out live Monday evening’s or download us for free through iTunes and listen to your friendly neighborhood Shaman speak his mind.

Now while I have been busy with that among several other projects, I have not been living under a rock. I did see the Shaman tier 10 models and I dare say that Blizzard put it up rather shortly after my Cardboard Samurai post because I think they realized the natives were restless 😉 Lets take a look at it in it’s full glory shall we?


This thing kicks allllllll kinds of tail in my opinion. Personally I think we won Tier 10. It’s stylish, the color scheme is awesome the placement of the ice is tasteful and well…lets be honest the shoulder effect is about as sweet as I’ve seen since Warlock Tier 6 bat wings. The only other armor set for tier 10 that comes close is the Warriors, but even that falls short in my opinion. Compare tier 10’s look to tier 9’s


Aside from the kilt, this set is identical to the hunters tier 9. It didn’t look very shamanistic, and to be honest it was pretty ugly. I wish I could hide my t9 or have a vanity set shown over it because it’s not that great. Tier 10 feels very shamanistic, lets not forget that Ner’zhul was a shaman before he became the lich king, so the tier 10 armor has this erie shamanistic feel to it. It has the icicles around it randomly for the elemental feel of water, and the bones are that of what appears to be a Shoveltusk. Stags, Talbuk and Shoveltusk have always been representations for the Spirit of the hunt or spirit of the wild for shaman, so it seems only fitting to have not only their bones but the spirtual image of them pushing outwards from the shoulders.

I’m impressed and honestly very very happy with it. I think this was blizzards way of saying “we’re sorry for tier 9 guys, here… look awesome” and I say to them. Thank you. I’m quite pleased with how tier 10 came out.

What about you guys? What do you think about the Shaman tier 10? Think it looks good, bad, meh?

until next time, happy healing


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19 thoughts on “Shaman Tier 10 Lodur’s Thoughts”

  1. Once again, Shamans get the totally awesome set while the rest of us get some cool/average gear :p the spirits coming out of the shoulders remind me of the Warlock set with the wings.

  2. I also freaked out when I first saw the new shaman set!
    In my opinion it’s, like you said either, definitely the prettiest of all the T10 sets! Full of ice and those pretty shoulders with the animation of wolfs coming out, great!
    .-= Nanuki´s last blog ..Loken =-.

  3. I’m pretty sure that I don’t care what the rest of the suit looks like as long as I can have those shoulders…forever. I don’t ever want to take them off.

    I was pretty “meh” about the set at first because it looked so much like the Warlock T8 (which I thought looked more Druid-esque than Warlock), but the more I look at Shaman T10, the more I can see my Draenei prancing about spouting patronuses from his shoulders. And looking forward to it!
    .-= Professor Beej´s last blog ..The Twilight Saga: A Boy’s Perspective =-.

  4. I will do whatever it takes to get this full set. I don’t care if I don’t get it until I’m level 85, I must have it! I will never ever throw away the shoulders. Ever. They are the coolest looking shaman gear I have seen!

  5. It’s made from remains of a troll shaman that tried to escape from Lich King’s freezer. He did not make it, so the Scourge officers had a nice feast and, well, nothing goes to waste, so they made an armor from the remains.

    (Sorry, still not recovered from seeing the druid set with the handlebars on head or the rogue set… You guys were the last ones and I think it was worth the wait, right up with the priest set.)
    .-= Saithir´s last blog ..Apparently I’m a worst warrior up to date. =-.

  6. there’s a thread on my guild’s forums, made by me, titled: “I’m so glad, shaman is my main”. I shall have this set if its the lest thing I do I hope that they will have the same badge system where you can buy 10 man version without needing to have tokens, becasue that means I can have it quicker and/or for both my specs.. it has this eskimo shaman feel, this strange, chanting, living in a fur hut, communing with the spirits of the animals and the frozen elements kind of shaman.

    the shoulder animation is /dies

    I’ll even have my display helm option selected for this one – its just too damn cool looking not to.

    horde t9 was not exactly good looking either. not as terribald as alliance version but not really pretty either and the helm, oh god “where is my hide helm option, get it off get it off!”

  7. In spite of my loathing of shoveltusk it’s not a bad set. Now if it was wolves that leapt out of the shoulders I’d never, ever get rid of the set.

  8. Tier 9 is the one set I will be more than happy to delete. I was running a buddy thru Sunken Temple yesterday and noticed our kilt looks just like what the troll spellcasters are wearing in there. That’s on top of how ugly and un-shaman like it is.

    Thankfully we win with tier 10 🙂

  9. Ohh T9 made me so sad, it was like omg i look like a Chinese Palace with those Shoulders>< but T10 ..ohhhhh that is so sweet and it will be lovely when the shoulders Proc! The rest is a thankyou to Blizz for making the set the best of the bunch imo:)

    Woot Shamans !

  10. I rly think the Tier 10 sucks ass.

    The shaman set is awsome, then there are a few “okay” sets. The rest Is fail.
    Its not likely a paladin to wear skulls on their dark blue “deathknight like” armor…

    The priest is allright, the warlock is allright, mage is fail (looks too much like a warlock) Warrior is ok (If you play Horde) Deathknight is ok cool. Hunters Crip Lord outfit was a great Idea but it’s still ugly. Rogues Gheist is allright. Druid is fail.

    Overall. I was very disapointed with the Tier 10.
    After the most awsum Tier 9, which I think is one of the greatest tiers.
    Finally, they should have kept the difference between horde and alliance tier. Blizzard totally forgot alliance in the Tier 10. Everything fits for a horde, only a pair fits for alliance.

    Conclusion: Fail blizzard! I had expected more after I saw tier 9!
    The last set in WotlK, and only the shaman looks cool….

    (everything is ofc my own opinion)


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