The Automated Healing Line

Ever wonder what would happen if you’re in the middle of the instance and your healing spells just aren’t working? What if you had to phone in for divine tech-support to get those heals flowing? How about placing an order for a buff or a healing spell? Well, reader Wistoovern mused this very topic and this is the end result. I present you with the Automated Healing Line. I couldn’t help but laugh pretty hard at this one, I mean could you imagine having to do this every time you healed someone?

I don’t know about you, but working in tech support for a number of years and being a dedicated healer I just find this incredibly amusing. It’s especially funny for me because having worked in a call center with many WoW gamers as co-workers this just makes perfect sense to me. It combines call center humor with priest healing and gives a possible explanation as to that occasional healing latency.

Wist did a great job splicing everything together and getting the monotone computer voice just right, next time maybe we’ll hear the screams of the dying in the background as that raid boss comes bearing down on the group while the healer is on hold.

So, what did you think?

9 thoughts on “The Automated Healing Line”

  1. This made me laugh! But I lost it at the holding music. I want that smooth jazz to play every time I heal. It would make stressful healing a lot more relaxing.

  2. OMFG! That is classic! As a Priest I fell this is spot on. Love it too funny i play a Priest and work in IS/IT as well and did customer support as well so maybe that is why I found is so funny. Great job!

  3. Have to agree with Ellyndia, it’s the holding music that sent me over the edge. Oh, and the little “focus target” ad that cuts in is classic!

  4. So funny story, I didn’t even see you’d added something there (not even a gap between the title and the paragraph under it) until I told my scriptblocker to allow it. At first I kept mousing over the text to try and find the link.


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