The Dragonflight Launch Experience

Mine was awful.

I know it’s been over two months since the game launched but this was one of the less smooth launches I’ve experienced in recent history. I was able to click the portal in Stormwind harbor to get through, but after that my game experience degraded significantly. My spells would go through but I didn’t get any feedback or response from the world. I was constantly rubberbanding. After a few minutes of this, I gave up. It didn’t help that I was on Stormrage, which is one of the more populated Alliance servers. I ended up switching to my other Priest on Emerald Dream and slowly leveling that. Ultimately, what I ended up doing was spending about 40 minutes there leveling and unlocking Dragonflying solely so I could collect all the Dragon glyphs. I knew they were account bound. I leveled my Emerald Dream Priest up to level 62 with some light questing and exploration before taking another attempt on my main. Thankfully, it seemed most of the players had already spread out and moved on from the area which eased congestion.

The Legion and Battle for Azeroth launch experiences were terrific in that it allows players to select where to start questing first. Shadowlands and Dragonflight switched back to that linear storytelling and caused a great crush of players funneling through one area. Even though it didn’t seem as bad in Shadowlands, it wasn’t an enjoyable opening experience for me in Dragonflight. Either way, the Dragon glyphs helped me catch up immensely and I was able to reach max level well after midnight.

Thankfully, there isn’t as much of a forced grind anymore. The updated renown system is fun and does not feel required. I can choose to participate in a hunt or a feast and not feel guilty if I decide to forego it. At this point, I’ve maxed out my Iskarr and Dragonscale Expedition reputations and I’m taking it easy on the rest of the activities. I can focus more on my alts (a Frost Mage, an Evoker, and a second Holy Priest). Definitely still racing on all my characters though since it’s about 2000 gold per character.

After Christmas and New Year’s, DJ’s is currently sitting at 4/8 Mythic with a disappointing 5% wipe on Kurog last weekend. Kurog will go down this weekend for sure. Unfortunately, the wipe occurred due to a call that in retrospect wasn’t the correct play to make at the time, but that’s another story for another day. (Edit: We killed it this week putting us up to 5/8 M)

With Media Temple shutting down and merging operations with Godaddy, I decided it was time to switch hosts again. I’ve gone through multiple themes and looks over the year, but for this iteration, I wanted to pare down. I want the focus to be on the content and I’ve updated the look to reflect that. It’s much more minimalist than before. Could use a logo refresh though, but I’m out of ideas. Maybe a globe in there somewhere.

To all the Wrath Classic players who’ve stumbled in here for the old Ulduar healing guides, I hope you find something useful. I can’t guarantee accuracy anymore since the game and raid philosophy has changed greatly.

Still looking for a job. If anyone needs an experienced producer, PM, or project coordinator, let me know!