Ulduar Healing Guide


Need some help healing Ulduar? It’s been graded as the next level of raiding in Wrath. Matticus and the team will help you healers out!

How to get there


Both factions: Catch a flight to the Ulduar Basecamp, in Storm Peaks. Either that or fly straight north from Dalaran and head for Halls of Stone or Halls of Lightning (that area).

Recommended requirements

It’s too early for me to say this right now. If you’ve gotten several weeks of Naxx and Sarth down, you should be equipped. If you’ve managed to clear out Sarth + 3 drakes and Malygos for a while, then your guild is in very good shape.

Here’s a summary of all the normal and heroic versions of the bosses in Ulduar.

Note: List isn’t finalized. Will change without notice. Rest of the bosses are unknown

  • Flame Leviathan (10-man Normal) (25-man Heroic)
  • Ignis the Furnace Master (10-man Normal) (25-man Heroic)
  • Razorscale (10-man Normal) (25-man Heroic)
  • XT-002 Deconstructor (10-man Normal) (25-man Heroic)
  • Iron Council (10-man Normal) (25-man Heroic)
  • Kolagarn (10-man Normal) (25-man Heroic)
  • Auriaya (10-man Normal) (25-man Heroic)
  • Mimiron (10-man Normal) (25-man Heroic)
  • Thorim (10-man Normal) (25-man Heroic)
  • Freya (10-man Normal) (25-man Heroic)
  • Hodir (10-man Normal) (25-man Heroic)
  • General Vezax (10-man Normal) (25-man Heroic)
  • Yogg-Saron (10-man Normal) (25-man Heroic)
  • Algalon the Observer (10-man Normal) (25-man Heroic)

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