Healing Ulduar: Razorscale


For other bosses in Ulduar, check the Ulduar Healing strategy page.

Conquest was able to clear out Razorscale on day 2 of Ulduar. It’s a fun encounter and places a lot of emphasis on ad control.

Quick notes

  • 3 phase encounter
  • Repeated waves of incoming trash

Pre-boss preparation

Suggested makeup

  • 3 tanks
  • 7 healers
  • 15 DPS

As raid leader, I like to split my raid into groups that have meaning in the raid frames. In other words, I set aside groups 1 and 2 to deal with trash ads coming in from the left side. Groups 4 and 5 would take care of the right. I made sure there was 1 tank and 3 healers in each ad control team. Try to split up interrupters as best as you can since you’ll want them to disrupt as many chain lightning casts as possible. It’s difficult to evenly split the DPS so use your discretion there accordingly.

Group 3 consists of your third tank and the 4 healers that were unable to fit into either teams.

Warrior tank Hunter Druid tank Hunter Paladin tank
Resto Shaman Rogue Disc Priest Rogue Resto Shaman
Mage Death Knight Resto Druid Death Knight Warlock
Mage Balance Druid Holy Paladin Ret Paladin Mage
Shadow Priest Resto Druid Holy Priest DPS Feral Druid Hunter

That’s a rough visual representation of how I split my groups. Dark blue team on the left, light blue team on the right. Gold team is responsible for big, bad whirlwind titan’s which I’ll elaborate on in a moment.


Phase 1

On the ground, the things you have to worry about are the incoming mobs that spawn from the different drill-shaped ground pods. Meanwhile, Dwarven expedition teams will be repairing the four harpoons.

Razor’s attacks

Fireball: Fire damage to players

Flame buffet: Increases fire damage taken by players. I believe this ability stacks. It’s duration is ~1 minute.

Devouring Flame: Spits a Lava Bomb at a player inflicting fire damage and leaves a fiery patch on the ground dealing fire damage to everyone within 6 yards.

She enrages after 10 minutes.

Add attacks

Dark Rune Guardian: Puts a magical debuff on your raid. Dispelable. Will go after your friendly expedition dwarves. 

Dark Rune Sentinel: Whirlwind. These guys typically spawn in the middle.

Dark Rune Watcher: Interrupt their Chain Lightning when possible. Their Chains can hit up to 5 targets.


Adds will show up from the left and right. Dark blue and light blue teams will have to take care of them via DPS and CC’s if necessary.

Now gold team gets to have some fun here. That Devouring Flame ability I mentioned above? Here’s a hint I found out from the Plusheal forums. Devouring Flame can be predicted and controlled. Razor shoots Devouring Flames at the player closest to it. So all gold team has to do is stay under the boss as much as possible and soak up incoming flames. The Disc Priest in that group (me) just heals him. At the same time, gold team needs to pick up Dark Rune Sentinels that show up in the middle.


Gold team in action

The tanking Druid played first person and looked up. I stayed within range in support. When I see a Sentinel spawn, I’ll cue him and let him know there’s a sentinel and he’ll pick it up right away. Once gold team establishes aggro, he calls for ranged DPS to focus and nuke. Once the sentinel is down, it’s back to add control.

There are four harpoons. When they’re all repaired and fired, Razorscale is brought down to the ground. Get three harpoons fired and hold on the fourth one. You fire them by having a player from either blue teams right click on the turrets. Your raid leader should call when to fire the fourth one. When most of the ads are dead, cue the fourth turret call.

When a Harpoon is fixed, it will flash on your screen. I personally like to say things like “harpoon 1 fired, harpoon 2 fired, harpoon 3 fired, harpoon 4 standing by” so that the entire raid knows where we’re at.


Phase 2

When the raid leader calls for harpoon 4 to be hit, all DPS should be switching off ads. Anything extra should be CC’d in the process. Razor will fall to the ground and remain stunned for seconds. Full DPS on Razor at this point. Stay away from the front of this boss. After time is up, Razor will do a wing buffet knocking everyone back and light a conical flame breath. She’s facing the entrance into this area while she’s stunned.

After the stun wears off, the turrets will explode and have to be repaired again. Razor flies back into the air and triggers phase 1 again.

This would be the phase to hit Heroism or Bloodlust to push Razor into phase 3. If Razor’s health isn’t low enough then you have to do phase 1 all over again.

Phase 3

Have your main tank of choice pick up Razor and immediately face her away from the raid. A good position would have Razor face the entrance just past the turrets. She’s going to continue to do AoE knockbacks (Wind Buffet), Devouring Flame, and Flame Buffets. The Flame Buffet debuffs will continue to stack. If it reaches a certain point, it’s going to insta-kill your tank.

Fused Armor is another debuff your tank will take. When it reaches 5 stacks, your tank is not going to be able to move, use skills or taunt. You’ll have to change tanks before it reaches 5 to buy enough time for your raid to finish her off.

Your raid positions themselves and spreads out behind the boss during this part.

Healing strategy

For both blue teams, you’ll want 2 raid healers and 1 tank healer on each side. You’ll also want 1 tank healer in the gold team. Stay as far back as possible to avoid any chain lightnings that manage to get through. Use strong AoE heals to mitigate them as well. During phase 2 when DPS switches over, the tank healers need to remain on the tank if they’re on any ads. Any idle healers are encouraged to jump up into the play and DPS the boss during phase 2.

Healer drops

Belt of the Fallen Wyrm – Mail

Bracers of the Broodmother – Leather

Guiding Star – Mace

Razorscale Shoulderguards – Plate

Shackles of the Odalisque – Wrists

19 thoughts on “Healing Ulduar: Razorscale”

  1. Discipline priests are godly for raid healing on this fight. Throw a shield on anyone that gets fireballed to ensure that if they get hit twice in a row it won’t kill them.

    But you guys get razorscale to 50% in a single harpoon phase? That’s some insane dps.

  2. My guild just downed razorscale last night on our second attempt, though we are a 10man guild. As a resto druid, I found that I spent most of my time spamming nourish. Our healing corps for the night was myself (resto druid) and two holy priests. The holy priests would use CoH whenever more than one person in their group had been hit by a fireball, and I would use WG and Nourish liberally.

    The hardest part of this fight wasn’t keeping up with the damage, but rather not running out of mana. I ended up using innervate, a pot, and my Darkmoon Card: Illusion, and ended the fight with under 10% mana, as did both priests (both of whom used their Hymn’s during the fight was well).

    Good luck – this has been the easiest fight for us so far, but was one of the more stressful on the healers as well!

  3. From a resto shaman PoV: slap on a good chunk of crit/mp5 gear. Chainheal only on melee or if you’re sure it will hit 2+ raiders. Work with riptide/LHW/HW. If there is one advice I would give for this fight: Keep everyone at 100% all the time. Mana pot early, mana tide early and go all out healing to prevent unlucky fireball/fireball, fireball/chain lightning combos.

    drugs last blog post..Enthusiasm, I have it.

  4. I’m a holy pally who was assigned to a blue team (stay on target?) – we were a little OP on the healing, so I was able to float towards the middle and back up the gold team’s healing when our adds were under control.

    Definitely profited from the Holy Light glyph since the add tanks/dps were often stacked up on each other.

  5. As a guild we decided to wait with the 25s until our 10s had the fights down, so for the moment I have only seen the 10 man version of Razorscale.

    I actually really enjoyed the fight I have to say. It’s nice to finally see a challenge again. We’re healing with 2 people only and that makes it even more fun ^_^

    I will definitely get back to this post once we start the 25s though, so much more cat herding when there are 25 of us >_>

    My own little tip. Make sure the adds are going to the tanks, and not the tanks going to the adds. On the first couple of tries we were scattered all over the place which made healing really hard.

    Shyraias last blog post..7 things I love about Blizz

  6. Ulduar is way way way harder on 25 man, to the extent that healing it seems completely different. You have been warned. 🙂

  7. My guilld are semi nax25 / 10man geared and attempted Razorscale 10 man version. Setup:
    2 DK tanks
    3 Healers, Holy Pala, Resto Druid, Disc Priest
    Mostly ranged DPS
    We cannot seem to find a positioning setup that works for us. Should the raid split into 2 groups? Any advice will be appreciated

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