Ulduar Almost Cleared and Some Priest Notes

Ensidia has cleared out Yogg-Saron. Only Algalon remains. I only have time for a quick post today. I have an exam on International Politics coming up in around 4 hours. The similarities between inter and intra-nation relations and guild relations is eyebrow raising. But that’s a post for another time.

Healing strategies for Razorscale and Ignis are on the way. I’ve got them written down from various PTR notes. Just a few corrections, some screenshots and they’ll be up within days.

I’m going to expand on and revise my Flame Leviathan tips a bit more. I forgot to mention the amount of vehicles there were. There are 15 in total. The Siege Engines and the Demolishers have spots for a driver and a gunner. I set group 1 as Siege Engine drivers, group 2 as Siege Engine gunners, group 3 as Demolisher divers, group 4 as Demolisher gunners, and group 5 as Choppers. That made organization and overall raid direction much easier.

Quick notes regarding the new Divine Aegis from Duct Tape and a Prayer. Wanted to get this out there quick for Priests who were curious.

If you or another Disc priest casts another critical heal on the same target, the Divine Aegis effect refreshes its duration (back up to 12 seconds), and 10/20/30% of the second critical heal is added to the remaining shield from the first crit heal. For example, I establish a 1.5k DA on the Tank, the Tank takes 1000 damage, and then I cast another crit heal on the Tank for another 2k shielding, which makes the total shielding 3.5k and the remaining shielding 2.5k (since the shield absorbed 1k damage between the first and second crit heal).

Etherjammer has got more information regarding Divine Aegis. Go check it out and remember to subscribe to his blog while you’re there.

Now if I can just remember the 6 points of a “Just War”…

1-0 Canucks.

11 thoughts on “Ulduar Almost Cleared and Some Priest Notes”

  1. huh? so everytime a priest crits it adds to the DA? so basically all you have to do is have a bunch of priests sit around and stack crits on a tank until the DA reachs 50 million and then run and just refresh the DA every so often…

    That can’t be right. I know I’m reading it wrong.

  2. Quoting the 3.1 patch notes:

    Divine Aegis – Divine Aegis effects will now stack, however the amount absorbed cannot exceed 125*level (of the target).

    125*80(assuming in raids) means that DA can stack but cannot absorb more than 10k.

  3. Hmm… 10k hp isn’t as OP as 50 million I suppose. Is the DA damage taken mitigated by the tanks armor? Like if a boss swings for 100k unmitigated does the DA take 10k off that making it 90k which is then applied to the tanks armor 90k * .30 = 27k as opposed to 100k * .30 = 30k – 10k(DA) = 20k?

    Not that anybody here goes that deep into things… 😀

  4. Cringer, I haven’t done any testing on mitigation. However, I suspect that it’s safe to assume that Divine Aegis and Power Word: Shield work similarly with regards to the target’s armor, which is to say that armor mitigation reduces the incoming damage before the shield takes its chunk out.

    To use your example, the boss swings for 100k, the tank’s armor reduces that by 70% to 30k, and then the Divine Aegis reduces the 30k by whatever shielding it has left.


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