The Next Generation Troll

As a way to help supplement our main raids, Conquest has started fielding weekend normal raids. Our focus during the week continues to be aimed at heroic Blackrock Foundry but we still want want to build as many tier sets as we can with the stuff out of normal mode.

Like most hybrid guild and pickup player compositions, the players you pick out of the group finder is completely random. Like any other queue into the dungeon finder, you don’t know which player you’re going to get.

Is it going to be the guy who remains completely unaware of his surroundings?

Is it the girl whose on her 4th alt but has an immense amount of experience that she can do the raids blindfolded even though her character isn’t the most geared?

Is it the player who gives zero crap at all about anything and expects to be carried through the whole instance?

The group finder can be such a pandora’s box. We stumbled out of the gate on Flamebender a little bit before we went on cruise control and demolished the other bosses of the instance (short of Blackhand).

But let me regal you with a story of a player with misplaced efforts. We had a player who had a hard time consistently staying alive. Even with their access to immunities, they would die to a Molten Torrent. They kept chasing one of my players around even though they were under the effect of Blazing Radiance. They just could not seem to handle stay alive and kiting the wolves. I was lenient at first and kept giving them opportunity after opportunity to step it up and prove me wrong but enough was enough and I delivered the bad news that I had to drop them in order to keep the raid moving on.

Oh of course they were pissed.

Most sane people would accept the fact that maybe they can’t just cut it in the current group and drop out to find another one to join or duck back into Highmaul and keep banging out more gear or practice.

This guy takes it a step further. A new level 1 alt is created on my server and instantly my chat box is flooded repeatedly with non-stop periods (as in “…” for the whole length of the chat field) in an attempt to cause disruption. Then they show up in Mumble trying to play music but it’s fairly soft and not really overpowering. Plus with Mumble open on a second screen, it takes under half a second to right click and suppress/ban the user.

I attribute that to years of practice with an AWP in Counterstrike and the quick scope.

Anyway, the chat disruption goes on for another 20 or so minutes but Warcraft Instant Messenger is busy picking it up and filtering it. The chat gets minimized, the sound notification gets suppressed, and we keep raiding anyway and taking down Flamebender within the next two pulls. Eventually, I grew wary and reported the player to Blizzard via the in-game ticket submission. I can’t seem to right click and report through the Instant Messenger window unfortunately. Just before the ignore, I receive a whisper saying “okay, going to get on my VPN now” but nothing materialized after that.

It’s amazing the effort and trouble people will put themselves through just to try to undermine and disrupt other people. This thirst for vengeance satisfaction is bizarre. If the individual placed this same level of effort on working on their awareness and general gameplay, they’d turn out to be a solid mage that any group would embrace.

Just wow. Mildly annoyed but oddly impressed.

If you get dropped from a group, try to figure out why. Maybe the reason is bull. Maybe their reason is sound. But does it really do you any good to go after someone on the internet for that? It’s a waste of your time that could be spent looking for another more accommodating group.

Remember when all trolls used to do was clog up trade chat and ask where Mankirk’s wife is?

I miss that.

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