Ulduar Nerfs and Bugs

Looks like there were some undocumented changes made to Ulduar.

Check out this post on Main Tankadin. (Thanks Honors).

Here’s a quick summary from various sources (Forums, direct observations, things I heard second hand).

Flame Leviathan

  • Seems to be bugged. Doing FL with 2 towers is fine and dandy. But FL still has the 3rd tower buff on him even though there’s only 2 towers up.
  • Vehicle targeting reticule looks really good.
  • Gnomes have been busy. Enhanced the handling of vehicles. They turn much better.
  • Choppers can pick up Pyrite and drop them wherever they like.

XT Deconstructor

  • Deconstructor seems to spawn a bajillion ads. Look at the main tankadin post above for a screenshot.
  • Now throws Light and Gravity bombs during tantrums.


  • Chain Lightning only blows up 2 targets.


  • Iron roots: You can trinket out of them. You can blink out of them. Hand of freedom. Bring a Shaman with Earthen Power and call it a day. Shapeshifting works. Anything that can get you out of snares will work.
  • Sunbeam visual effect seems to be missing. But the debuff on players is still there.


  • Phase 3: Don’t have to place the mines. The player loots it, uses it, and the head will automatically drop down. Mimiron has upgraded to smarter magnets.

General Vezax

  • Vezax’s health reduced by 10 million.
  • Saronite Animus health reduced by 2.5 million.
  • Animus spawns after 6 clouds instead of 8.

Check the comments for other nerfs. I’ll try to update this post with extra information.

16 thoughts on “Ulduar Nerfs and Bugs”

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  2. Tried FL tonight with three towers up, he still had the buff from the fourth tower. Then did it with two, still had the third towers buff up.

    And yeah, we all got the nerf scrapbots achievement on accident as well. It was pretty hilarious.

    There was some debate whether or not Kologon’s Shockwave was doing more damage. No evidence though. I personally just think it was some bad luck with his abilities. (Like, I kept getting eyebeamed the second shockwave would go off.) Then again, I was on tank heals tonight instead of raid heals, so I may just not have noticed the extra damage.

  3. Yes! My guild had no problem with FL with 2 towers during the few weeks before so instead of trying a harder mode on patch night we drove down there expecting to do our normal 2, start driving around and I’m like “WTF, is the Freya tower still up?” So we died, come back, he looks like he only has the correct two buffs on him…until we engage him, and the Freya tower buff comes back. LOL…called it a night and went to Naxx for quick conquest emblems.

  4. Sounds like the typical patch goodness, but they did have maintenance for a couple hours this morning, probably trying to fix things like XT. Someone on my realm turned in an Algalon kill last night (apparently cool things happen in Dalaran when it occurs), but I don’t know how they managed it with all these bugs.
    .-= DFitz´s last blog ..Trials and Achievements =-.

  5. was the Xt bug that big a deal? I mean we pulled him the first time not knowing and wiped, pulled a second time in a new location and hardmode killed. I guess you can call it hardmode hardmode.

  6. 25man XT was hilarious – all of our melee and a couple ranged died to hysterical laughter and “OMG WTF ADDS!?” Before we managed to calm down and kill him with around 20 left standing. The waves actually weren’t that hard, just have the tank kite a bit and the ranged cause some chain explosions


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